Now is purchasing color bottle of the period

by:Xianke     2020-07-21
Color bottle also called spray bottle, it is one of the stainless steel bottle factory sales good product packaging, but the color of bottle prices can differ according to the season and slightly change, why said color bottle low price now? The next xin tong stainless steel bottle factory personnel related to the home about why.
color is the price of the bottle and liquor sales market has a direct relationship, because now is the off-season, liquor sales more than stainless steel bottle factory order quantity decreases, thus causing color bottle price reached the bottom, can say now is a good time to purchase color bottles, of course, in addition to price, due to cutting stainless steel bottle factory orders, reduces the stainless steel bottle factory production pressure, which can guarantee the quality of color bottle.
the second is from the liquor sales season has three months or so, now purchasing enough color bottle packaging, to the following products listed provides better packaging support, and sales of the product during the peak season also has a role; As a liquor enterprise stainless steel bottle packaging procurement staff, if you want to purchase the high quality and low price color bottle, now called xin tong stainless steel bottle factory contact number is your wise choice.
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