Not for joy, for a drink bottle rhyme intoxicate ( This Mosaic)

by:Xianke     2020-07-20

the private collection of wonders. Can ask how big is the charm of a bottle? This for most people just after drinking will be discarded waste, but in an almost teetotal Zhong Tao eyes, is to let him have a special liking infatuated, over the years. So far, he has collected more than special exotic bottles and wine set, at the same time, he also met drinkers all over the country and the infinite pleasure.

may I ask restaurant where

month, admiring reporters came to the home of Mr. Chung is located in dongying city of jinan city road, wine in order to fully display the profound cultural connotation and better preserved wine and sell these works of art, Zhong Tao out-of-pocket hid home decorate into a wine museum, known as & other; Po bottle throughout r &; 。 The reporter just step into & other; Po bottle throughout r &; , feel really liked here, full-bodied wine spirit came head-on, different shape, color of the bottle it accounts for less than five square meters of exhibition hall was full, & other Bottle bottles of mountain sea & throughout; 。 The bottle sizes, big enough and cm high, small, only a few centimeters. Some of the classical style, texture scarce, has the very high historical value; Others form, close to the real life, & other; This is wine, is also a prototype of a glutton we say at ordinary times, but it is a frontier people drinking vessels & throughout; Side, Mr Bell said carefully rubbed his collection.

flat peach longevity, handheld, modelling lifelike lifelike facebook & other; Sea & throughout; Characters, there are few yuan wang class tracking ship survey vessel in the shape of a bottle and a & other; Brussels for the first civil & throughout; Of pee boy in the shape of a wine, if not know that these are the true wine, are also really think see antiques or works of art. Collection is more, but put is very neat, the wise know each wine has the special classified collection, such as character, military, row after row, will us into a world of history and modern fusion. “ Here is only part of the collection, there are many in the basement, I often watch the baby to eleven or twelve at night without sleep, playing in the heart like and happy. ” It is not hard to see from Zhong Tao words and expression his value to the collection and heartfelt love.

the good luck body is in the mountains of the

in the material of bottle and geographically, Zhong Tao also very exquisite. Bottle is stainless steel, more ethnic minorities is more bamboo or wood, and glass, plastic, jade, bronze & hellip; … He has to find a bark of foreign bottles to our introduction and demonstration, the bottles from all over the world. He would often and friends communication, & other; I met many friends in this hobby! Often a few months to do each other home exchange, collection & quot; To keep hidden & quot; Approach may not earn money, but the experience is very valuable wealth, & throughout; Zhong Tao admits.

but he who doesn't drink, and the bottle first & other; Affinity & throughout; In years, when his monthly salary, only one day accidentally see liuyang river daqu wine bottle style is unique, very like, a teether spent buying dollars, from now on will open the floodgates, every see rare fine wine bottles are collected. After that reporters from the shandong zibo, he immediately blurted out several zibo wine and gushing about the history of wine culture. From pure curiosity and love to become a kind of hobby and habit of collect, eventually to learn to use a professional eye to choose and buy and collection, now he can observe every pieces of s, enamel, painting skills and so on detailed problems. When asked if he has been very proficient in knowledge of wine and vessels, Zhong Tao implicitly smiled & other; Understanding of wine, because of the good luck body is in the mountain! ”

scenes and takes a

wine collection way for Zhong Tao is not plain sailing. “ At first, my family does not support me, wine bottle is fragile, and very covers, often crashed through a few cleaning is ding bang and therefore also had a lot of trouble, & throughout; “ But gradually, they see my heart, also in this container is under the influence of natural gradually to like them, often also can entrust their friends bring some different bottle back out for help. ” When it comes to family support, now Zhong Tao cannot hide in the heart of joy.

he attentively, will be in his every pieces of tank bottom indicate the time of the collection, sometimes met their beloved wine phase to high price bought by others, he refused to, because it has not merely is a means of profit but a pursuit of life and enthusiasm. Undivided attention, concentration high, infatuated, meet friends to relish talk, walked into the door at ordinary times, most of the time in the hall by, thinking, thinking, record, this is the life of Zhong Tao now state.

wine culture history in China for many years, wine bottle is not only the Chinese stainless steel art culture, regional culture, folk custom, national culture and literature, poetry, calligraphy, and the important embodiment of the art of painting, but also is the carrier of culture and art and science, with high ornamental research value and art value. Contact with them also can let a person in broaden horizons and improve their art taste and culture. The appropriate wine is beneficial to our body, as the Zhong Tao say & other; Wine is a kind of culture, is also a kind of means of communication, as long as reasonable moderate use, will bring us happiness and nourishing. ”

stainless steel bottle collection temperament
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