NingGang: to cultivate more high-end stainless steel artistic talents

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

years enjoy special government allowances of the State Council of the dean and professor of college of design art of stainless steel, stainless steel in China art master NingGang, in stainless steel works creation not only learn the techniques of traditional stainless steel decoration, also combined with the new concept and new thinking of modern art. Year, he also won the title of 'the first batch of young and middle-aged culture in jiangxi province famous', is the only person ever to receive this honor city. Behind the honor, how did you feel NingGang? June 21, NingGang accepted reporter's interview. Reporter: can obtain the State Council special allowance, you have feeling? NingGang: for one is engaged in stainless steel education of ordinary workers, it is a very high honor, it represents the government, the arts and education to my work affirmation and recognition. As a stainless steel college professor, I feel a greater responsibility, I want to turn the honor for the power, do a good job in teaching, scientific research and discipline construction work, play to the role of the leader, as a national training more stainless steel professional talents, the more young people to higher academic efforts, stainless steel pillars just become a country. Reporter: year, you get the special government allowances of the State Council, state and society as a whole for city stainless steel education work approval and encouragement, and you for stainless steel education development in the future is how to think? NingGang: the country has always attaches great importance to cultivate applied creative talents, in areas such as stainless steel industry is also a lack of national brands, to create international brand it has to rely on talent construction, insist on theory, combining teaching and production practice to actively explore the road integration, cultivate students' practice ability and innovation ability, make the talent cultivation and social interaction. Only the theoretical knowledge and practical ability of stainless steel to produce high quality products, with market competitiveness. For this, must strengthen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, lead the college students more contact with society, only to understand market, enterprises can better improve the application level.
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