New methods stored liquor into investment

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

base liquor, also known as originals. As the essential basic material of brewing liquor, base liquor quantity and quality liquor taste. Bought a base and not immediately drink, however, also need to modulation. Restricted by the macroeconomic environment and national policies such as 'three consumption', high-end liquor market sales volume all the way down, however, among the people, to the winery buy base to modulation of chongqing residents of many, private storage liquor wind began to rise. When Mr Jiang, my history teacher in bei middle school started drinking from high school, is a younger age, a senior drinking buddies. 'Last year with my friends to buy wine, sichuan ancient igusa endures, now almost have increased twenty times. 'Yesterday, he took a bottle of his remaining satisfiedly say maotai-flavor liquor, when buying, but this is a' potential shares '. Draw for four groups to buy base reporter saw Mr XiaJiang carefully in the hands of wine, is ceramic bottle, bottle with edible wax seal, but leaned forward to smell nose, still cannot hide a bouquet. 'A bottle of a heavy burden. My home have drink bottle. 'Mr Jiang said. Mr Jiang love drinking at parties, make a group of patrons. He said he was drinking, can drink one and a half jins of liquor, at a time can also clearly playing mahjong. Last year, Mr Jiang and old friends heard sichuan ancient igusa a winery to low price auction in a few places hoard of base liquor, and a lot of them immediately to the interest of alcoholism. 'Winery offered price is yuan a catty, an altar is jin, at least want to buy an altar, which is to pay ten thousand yuan. 'Although not a small sum of money, but that didn't stand a few love wine, after discussing, finally Mr. Jiang' draw 'with a friend, to ancient igusa contributive bought a TanJi wine. 'Later we specialized in rongchang customized bottles, went back to chengdu flower please a teacher to cocktails, finally packing into a kilo a bottle of, back to chongqing. 'Mr. Jiang said that eventually he made himself a bottle. A year later multiplied up, although Mr Jiang had buy is want to drink, but he didn't know, this batch of wine after a year of homespun values. 'I buy drinks with friends, has already sold a box, there are bottled, unit price is RMB per bottle. 'Said he, when buying a base, the price is RMB/kg, but in addition to modulation, bottle manufacturing expenses and freight, split down the cost of a bottle of wine is yuan. So calculate down and a bottle of wine worth up times a year. 'Such a look, and storing wine than saving much more cost-effective. 'After I heard the story of Mr. Jiang, an investment company manager Mr Wang also moved the heart. Yesterday, he told reporters that his half a month ago from a local brewery also bought new altar wine base, by hosting the winery in custody in the yuan/kg price pay. 'One of the places I plan to save the previous year, when his daughter married adult, take out with vintage entertain guest, then certainly attract eyeball. 'Mr. Wang said, while the other places and store in a few years is going to take it out for sale. According to his analysis, food and labor costs are rising, the traditional craft brewing cocktail party increasingly scarce, old liquor value-added space will be very big. Indeed, the personage inside course of study says, people began to buy myself a base modulation to deposit, because the brand is becoming increasingly difficult for the old liquor, and the price surge. Such as 'sunflower' maotai wine market last year to multiple/bottle, now has up to ten thousand yuan. Ordinary wine such as locally first flourishing age of tang dynasty, the original market price only yuan/bottle, now also rose to multivariate. Year after year TuoPai wine, also from at the beginning of yuan/bottle rose yuan/bottle. The expert reminds & gt; Storing wine investment risks yesterday, the reporter visited the market found, like Mr Jiang and Mr Wang to buy myself a base deposit modulated citizens also many, many reasons are: the old man do such as birthday or marry a woman to marry the daughter-in-law. Alcohol, however, city management association deputy secretary-general Gao Huai chang warned that if you plan to invest, beware of a few risks. A personal selling quality is not easy to let people believe. , he said, if there is no specialized knowledge, even beginner can encounter fakes risk, when the bartender if you can't find a good bartender, there is no guarantee that the collection of liquor taste. The second is the wine to liquidate also not too easy. Wine, Gao Huai chang said, although not as strictly as tobacco, tobacco monopoly license must be dealt with, but as a citizen, the sale of alcohol less channels, to his collection of wine into 'real money', must rely on a trading platform. In addition, he also warned that private liquor storage, suitable to find a window, a cool, dry place, at room temperature in ℃ or so best, such as underground wine cellar or garage, the liquor container is good with stainless steel bottle, also cannot put camphor in the closet, otherwise easy to changing.
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