More than 100 Picasso ideas on stainless steel sotheby's in London

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

London will host a special collection, there will be pablo Picasso on multiple pieces of stainless steel works, the price of everything around to pound stainless steel bottle home page. Different styles of China plate, bowls and vases, in Picasso's hands into interesting owls, goats, men, women and even the bull and the fish. Burn the stainless steel is very famous in the south of France are pull ( Madoura) Pottery workshop, fully reflects the Picasso's creative talent, and the multivariant style stainless steel bottles in art form on the home page. Picasso, the western art circle, one of the most important artists in town in the south of France in the warrens rees, pottery workshop do apprentice. At the time of all was a little-known small workshop, now has become one of the most famous local pottery workshop. These humorous stainless steel works created in a critical period during late Picasso's art career, it also laid him in the position in art history. It is generally believed that Picasso rees in France the warrens that a few years of life, is the happiest years of his life. Pull in manasseh, he and his future wife, Jacqueline Locke met Muse, always accompany beside Picasso until he died. In Picasso's focus on stainless steel, the first year of Picasso and his lover Francoise Gilot Claude after their son, with the name of Picasso. Stainless steel bottle front page characterized by great hand tang self-improvement
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