Mid-range small bottle packaging market analysis in China

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

in the past year, the domestic liquor companies began to small wine market in the past left out. A small wine market is price more populist light wine, mid-range liquor. As more and more wine enterprises to join in this area. The increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers also began to more attention to the packing of the small bottle. As a small bottle on the packaging material is also becoming more populist, abandoned the spray bottle, stainless steel bottle, etc. These bottle materials of high prices. Mainly white material's glass bottles. Because XiaoJiang itself is generally low, the price of the profit space is limited, for the bottle packing cost is very sensitive. We hope our factory can know this very well, in the market for wine companies to provide quality and cheap products. Unlike high-end liquor market, mid-range liquor market consumer groups more wide, consumers more categories. Therefore, for the small bottle packaging, to provide more capacity of different small bottle appearance, to meet the needs of the market in different populations. Small bottle market should change the look of the past invariably. More rich and diverse. Blue jin ears blue gong wine bottle custom stainless steel products stainless steel bottle
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