Men steal jade stole stainless steel bottle antique just to surf the Internet

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

in laoshan is a club for half a year, waiter pay too little to leave, the Internet addiction xu to get to the Internet, like the old club. Recently, the laoshan police staking out after a few days, had captured the criminal suspect xu in the Internet cafe. Month, police said, laoshan bureau ShaZiKou street stolen a club, the club were stolen goods such as jade, antique, electric rice cooker, involving a value into yuan. Police seized the entry-exit surrounding roads in surveillance video, by monitoring the video found a suspicious man, s, a small flat head, short stature, should have both in and out before and after the murders, commit crime suspect. Police continue to investigate, flat head men frequented ShaZiKou street many Internet cafes, but because of the Internet sites are not fixed, and irregular time, arrest is difficult, police decided as Internet cafes in the net cafe and nearby roads have been supervised squat down. From month to month, civilian police after days of round-the-clock besides, surveillance, did not find the figure of the criminal suspect, the investigation was once an impasse. Everything comes to him who waits, June 21 PM, the police finally found the suspect in the net cafe located somewhere. After determine the identity, red-handed xu, and his dwelling place seized electrical appliances, such as antique goods. Upon examination, xu confessed was stolen club for half a year the waiter job, dry after a period of time the feeling less salary, quit the job. S xu has been not married, addicted to the Internet all day long, early because there is no regular job, no source of income, then played a crooked brains, targeting the old club. Xu for his burglary pleaded guilty of criminal behavior, has now been laoshan police criminal detention. Stainless steel collect abandoned and new things emerge in endlessly
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