Men love to collect bottle 20 years after the collection more than 5000

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

years ago, zhengzhou Zhou Guojun 'hard-drinking,' almost every day to drink half a catty of liquor, his family was worried about his health; By an experience, let he addicted to collect bottles, the following years, he has collected many bottles, also thoroughly broken off alcohol. Yesterday morning, reporters were invited to walk into Zhou Guojun home sitting room, has been in all kinds of wine bottles on the shelf caught: see more red, white, blue, green, grey etc. Various color bottle neat, some of the bottle is on the label ( As shown in figure) 。 'It's just a part of home, many of them with relatives. 'Zhou Guojun tells a reporter, oneself years ago began to collect bottles, collection it has multiple, s span in recent years,' now these bottles are going into the antique, the absolute is a witness of history and culture. 'Zhou Guojun said, when I was young, he drinks every day,' alcohol gradually big, later don't drink can't sleep at all. 'Have a drink with friends, see a century s white du kang bottle, a picture of a hand raise peach-shaped birthday girl, very delicate, let him fondle admiringly. From then on, he began to crush on collection bottle, buy the cost of bottle is more and more big, the less money to buy wine, 'one more thing, since becoming a scouts, we have strict prohibition, in order to better do a good job, my bullet kept the ring of alcoholism. 'Said Zhou Guojun, his collection of treasures, and some in the collection market is still very valuable, someone had to come up with yuan of money to buy a bottle of his collection,' you see, this is yangshao, in order to keep the bottle is full, up to now I didn't want to open the bottle caps. 'Lao zhou said, this is the government specifically for hundreds of years old birthday girl special wine, now only have very few, so it was very rare. 'My collection is not only the bottle, is also culture, history and memories. 'Said Zhou Guojun, each region, each winery has its own unique culture, the words on the bottle, the show is a kind of culture, more contains a history. The bottle around than elder brother nearly 30 years collection bottle
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