mason jar cocktail shaker was bound to be invented sometime (photo)

by:Xianke     2020-06-12
Is there anything more practical, practical or beautiful in the DIY kitchen than the Mason jar?
We are not sure we can think of one.
We also can\'t think of another form of feature product that is so popular with hipsters food nerds.
We used to make canned food mainly from Mason jars.
Then the dessert in the jar.
Then put the salad in the jar.
Then turn a Mason jar into a device for an iced coffee travel cup.
The next step is inevitable.
Introduction Mason can Wine Mixer, now in production and available for sale.
Mason Shaker is a successful sponsored Kickstarter event and we hope to see it at the Brooklyn brunch table soon.
Created by two Virginia people. born, Brooklyn-
Based on the designer, Mason rocking bed is the next logical step on mason jar\'s journey to the gourmet nerd Hall of Fame.
They explain their history like this: the concept of Mason rocking the bed®Developed from an obsession with vintage kitchenware (Josh)
And an incredible ability to make impromptu drinking tools as soon as notified (Eric).
After pouring too much mints from a bad place
One summer, Mason jar came up with a better idea (and cooler)
The cocktail shaker hit us like bourbon.
Mason rocking bed®I was born.
Smart, tough and bourbon.
It sounds like a great recipe for us.
You can get your own Mason Shakel for $29 on the company\'s website.
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