Market of liquor bottles and recycling

by:Xianke     2020-07-20
Liquor bottle as the packing of the products of liquor-making industry. Its market is developing rapidly in recent years. In 2014, according to the statistical analysis of the number of our country liquor bottle factories expert rose 23% year-on-year in 2010. But our country produces each year billions of only bottle of liquor products. Therefore, our country liquor bottle market demand is huge. And in order to meet this need, our country each year in the production of liquor bottles used natural resources and energy and raw materials are numerous. To minimize the liquor bottle energy consumed during the production of all kinds of natural resources, in recent years our country force and sex of the liquor bottle recycling recycling method.
so how useful is a liquor bottle recycling? Victory kyushu huatai stainless steel group co. , LTD. , as one of the provincial scale stainless steel bottle manufacturers, will bring the solution to this problem.
as the quantity of liquor bottles, stainless steel bottle and other products, the recycling and reusing work also appears more, in recent years, the stainless steel bottle of scrap is increasing every year. The natural energy and save the significance of natural resources. The expert points out, the liquor bottle recycling to stable chemical properties, can be used to completely and liquor bottles of raw materials mixing and refining. This is not just for manufacturers to save the amount of the production cost, but also saves the consumption of natural resources and energy. In many areas in China, the liquor bottle recycling and even act as making a new bottle of main raw materials. According to statistics, one of the raw materials for the production of stainless steel products 50% 70%. The liquor bottle recycling can be used to replace. This not only alleviate the increasingly serious environmental problems. And specify the sustainable development strategy in our country.
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