Maotai value-added 20000 times in the 70 s

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

high-grade annatto furniture, jade jade, designer bags and watches, become an important part of the luxury goods exhibition. Among them, the collection of jiangsu province association joint exhibition display of rain flower stones was focused on by many people. Industry experts point out that, as a specialty of nanjing, bai maji stone is being attention by more and more collectors at home and abroad, some pattern is clear, profound in stone, because the price is higher also became a regular, collectors scramble to hope to have the 'luxury', such as pattern resembles the popurality of rain flower stones, the conservative estimates more than ten thousand yuan, and design for the maid in the tang dynasty, appraisal in ten thousand yuan, want to have short weight grams of stone, need to change in a class B car. 'Chen xiang' made of bracelet, ornaments, some citizens are flying into home. As demand increases rapidly, 'Chen xiang' arts and crafts are sold by the gram. The reporter sees, the exhibitors took out a precise balance for weighing, high quality of aloes objects than jin-gui huang for several times. According to introducing, a string made in Cambodia g aloes bracelet, the price is as high as ten thousand yuan, the equivalent of a gram to sell to the yuan, and ordinary a gram of aloes, furnishing articles, usually with 10, is calculated. In the exhibition, there is also a jadeite jade carving works, indicates the high prices, collectors ms zhou told reporters that this work is called 'good' after the founding of new China suzhou jade carving factory s last century, was so expensive, is a kind of good, is a complex ice, very deeply; Second, carver is good, is valuable. such handiwork, inside a lot of towel gourd stem a little thicker than the hair only, difficulty of engraved designs in the bowls. Now want to find such things it is difficult to again. Downtown luxury: a piano best universal in big room in the industry said that in addition to the paper finds a package, a manual piano also became a real luxury. At the scene of the exhibition, a golden piano from the beautiful melody, attracted nearly the attention of citizens. Nanjing le beau BaiYuTing instrument supervisor said that this steinway piano is not ordinary piano, but with the pure hand-made, dozens of workers took time to build out in recent years, as a result, market value reached ten thousand yuan. This price is equivalent to in nanjing city in hundred square meters of housing. The person said, after million cars, piano collection is also preferred by more and more wealthy people, every year thousands of piano collection by business owners, senior jinling. According to introducing, the manual piano can rise, in addition to its output, also related to the use of rare real inside the piano is not the timber price rising every year, therefore, the piano itself value also have % % rise each year. Fresh: maotai into luxury goods, prices hit ten thousand times in luxury goods exhibition, Chinese liquor into luxury goods, also attracted the attention of many foreign businessmen. Mr Jack zhang is nanjing famous leading collector and expert, he told reporters that his collection of hundreds of bottles of each big wine, maotai, yanghe, fenjiu, wuliangye, for a long time has become one collector in the eyes of luxury. According to introducing, s guizhou maotai 'bottle' soil containing maotai, the height of the original price is only worth yuan, at least now can sell ten thousand yuan, for years, quietly appreciation ten thousand times. And annual output of maotai, originally only sell to the yuan, is now worth ten thousand yuan. At the same time, many people in the home also deposited s 'dunhuang' yanghe and original yuan price, also added many times now, at least can sell for RMB. Jack zhang said, however, people collect liquor is gradually popular, if you want to be a good collection, the best collection of guizhou maotai maotai-flavor liquor, and think in terms of quality, should be collection have not been in kaifeng, the height of the liquor. As a result of the liquor volatile, should pay attention to the storage conditions, where humidity is suitable for. If improperly stored, there is a big risk, investment and collection of liquor is easy to deposit in several years later, became a bottle of alcohol volatile out of 'water'. Maotai auction price flatly HTTP / / WWW. hy。 com/xinwen/. html
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