Maotai sale price

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

month, was held in Shanghai in a vintage wine auction item in auction, nearly half of the lots with base price clinch a deal to clinch a deal, the highest price is ten thousand yuan. From the auction, all kinds of maotai items nearly. On the day of the auction is scheduled to start on time, but by the moments that ever sit full one hundred auction hall only more than one person. As required by the bidder, the official start of the auction before. Once from. Ten thousand yuan of bidding price to ten thousand yuan by the end of last century national five-star brand of guizhou maotai, as add items first shot, opening bid for the ten thousand yuan, but encounter. Then start shooting the items - — Of the last century s local state-run five-star brand guizhou maotai, clinch a deal with the price of RMB is higher than the opening bid, also became the same day the price clinch a deal the most items. According to the morning paper reporter understanding, the field is given priority to with maotai auction held last year, compared to this year's Shanghai countries take a similar sale fell by more than the average price for %. A tell morning paper reporter went unsold, two years before he made a bottle of the last century and eighties maotai to ten thousand yuan, he took a bottle of as long as this month. Ten thousand yuan. In addition to prices, maotai auction sell-through rate is no longer at %. According to measure, closing the auction yesterday only for %. The bidders for the morning paper reporter said, the new wine market underperformance, coupled with the recent liquor plasticizer, to collect the wine market has also had a shock. In his view, however, belong to the normal liquor prices rise and fall rise and fall, rebound may come in the future. And yesterday alone sold a lot of Mr Luo, said he plans to put these wine ', first put a put. Luzhou liquor investment boom aged pit auction HTTP / / WWW. hy。 com/xinwen/. html
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