Maotai in water bottles, alcohol or ban stainless steel bottle?

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

recently, according to bank insiders, dining room to entertain officials in state-owned enterprises, now prevailing, drinking maotai brand off first, more secretive way is, pour the maotai liquor into water bottles, at the same time, it is forbidden to anyone. If you are eating outside, demanded every time the waiter must close the door. I don't know since when, public funds to eat and drink in China has become an important problem, and eating in China, since ancient times, no wine no seats. Central reaffirming the party member the leading cadre public funds shall not be used with, extravagance and waste, and for how to handle a serious breach of regulations and also issued relevant regulation in our country, and perfect again and again. Since signifies eight central, eating and drinking is banned public funds, it is forbidden to use public funds to buy cigarettes, high-end wine and gift. Under the bat wasteful malady, many hotels receive government batch annealing. But the so-called 'on policy makers', in many parts of the part of the cadres 'eat not the light, enjoy' hide in the dark, public money corruption accelerated to luxury club, residence, dining room, wine fort hidden places, such as for diversion, unexpectedly put the maotai into water bottles, had to 'admire' the state-owned enterprise leaders and government officials how smart, it's so talented! Maotai is loaded mineral water bottles, it may be said in its form. The state-owned enterprise leaders and government officials are so bold, the regulations of the central part? The author thinks that, due to the lack of rigid execution system, lack of sound supervision system and the administrative accountability system, system of public goods can't save is not open, opacity, so you cannot fundamentally contain public funds to eat and drink. Some experts also believe that official entertaining long-term lack of standards and supervision is figured the root of the problem of corruption, and governance of public funds to eat and drink to corruption, first of all should cancel official entertaining reimbursement system. Happily, prime minister li keqiang Monday morning chaired a state council honest work conference and delivered a speech for the first time, he asked, to gradually realize government official entertaining at or above the county level public funds, to pop open form, to make people understand. Is both the party and state makes the probity of the government's determination, also avoid the governments at all levels from the system by luck, fool, formal psychology, it is a big fast. In the specific implementation, of course, also want to 'put the maotai into water bottles' state-owned enterprise leaders and government officials, the energy and thoughts from the china-latin America relations, through the back door to enterprise development, protect force, so, to win hearts and minds, not to live up to what our party and country, people's expectations. JingDeShen ten outstanding youth ZhangChaoHui stainless steel bottle recommend stainless steel
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