'Maotai' in load low liquor bottle police uncovered a success

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

recently, hongkou, police on the basis of the careful line touch successfully destroyed the place of counterfeit brand liquor dens, captured He Mou, Samuel, a criminal suspect, seized on the spot to counterfeit liquor box, sealing machine, pressure film machine and other production equipment. According to the criminal suspects confessed, from zhejiang to buy fake 'maotai', 'wuliangye', 'jiannanchun liquor' logo, use in mianzhu daqu, sweet alcohol and cheap liquor filling to recycling 'maotai', 'wuliangye' liquor bottle way making fake brands, such as labeling with slightly lower than the market price again after sold to Shanghai, zhejiang and other places. Police, the criminal counterfeiting and hoarding false dens in Shanghai, and sales to jiangsu, zhejiang and other places. Criminal suspects by buying 'maotai', 'wuliangye', 'jiannanchun liquor brands such as' empty bottles, stainless steel out-flown as counterfeit liquor production workshop and warehouse, strong concealment. To wipe out the wine production and marketing chain, somewhere around the counterfeit identification point of origin to zhejiang police carried out a large number of detective work. Due to the criminal suspect range mostly in the suburbs or the edge, and are manufactured on demand, rarely stock trading also tend to choose at night or early in the morning, the police drove hundreds of miles a day to learn. Month, hongkou police soldier multiplexing, conduct assault arrests, the counterfeit liquor criminal gangs indiscriminately. Hit the next bottle punished forty thousand - August high-grade stainless steel bottle
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