Manufacturer action to teach you how to collect red wine

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

now young people like or more fashionable people in his collection of wine. But in fact, % % wines are used to drink in time. Also some people are stored in the wine, just because they buy faster than consumed. Most of the white wine need to be consumed as soon as possible, so we should anyone drinking wine benefits. Such as pinot gris and sauvignon blanc. Zinfandel and merlot, and red wine, because of lower tannins, also cannot be put on too long. To a wine tasting, of course, after the changes of the taste of the aged is a very pleasant thing. Even if in not long time, if you hoard, appropriate wine features or magic happens. If it is a high-quality wine quality, such as bordeaux and Italy's high quality red wine, after being put the previous year, the taste will become very elegant. For those who really want to start collecting wine friend, recommend starting with moderate wine around usd/bottle. This wine is very easy to buy, you can buy a few bottles, drink a bottle of open and write down the feeling at that time; And then years later, in the open the same wine, taste the flavor of the time. For wine's primary collectors, these may make your wine collection activities become more interesting. California sparkling wine said French bubbly not hoard and wine culture, the meaning of the English identified as sparkling cocktail party as the growth of the age and more delicate. For high quality sparkling wine in the United States, short-term deposits, is likely to make them calm down, taste also become more abundant. France's white wines of France's Burgundy white Burgundy wine has always been simple, but also over time and become rich. And expensive white Burgundy is often take longer to mature. Cheap american-made chardonnay cheap american-made chardonnay is often because of lack of acidity and can not be long-term hoard, this will make them become more fat. But if you really like, budget rich, might as well try a mid-range Mondavi and Beringer. Mid-range american-made cabernet sauvignon cheap cabernet sauvignon often do not have any distinguishing features, and no progress with time. But, the brand such as Gallos Barrelli Creek Vineyard has a certain cellaring potential. German riesling year German riesling has very good fruit and very refreshing. Hoard after a period of time, will become rich and mature. The finest Italian Chianti, most people think Chianti wine is a kind of simple, suitable for match with Italy faces. Excellent Chianti but like $$/ bottle of Chianti classical taste very complex wine. If we can put on a few years, it will become more elegant and more layers. A good brand is Antinori, Cennatoio and Ruffino Riserva Ducale. This year mid-priced red bordeaux is a good year. For bordeaux red wine, as long as you choose for years, and then put a period of time, it will be from a chap who becomes a well-dressed gentleman. For the low-end bordeaux red wine, the individual also has the potential of old. If you can choose the right words, in a few years later, it will become like expensive wine flavor is rich. French long valley wine this cocktail party is very strong, a bit rough, so the time will let it become tender and delicate. A good brand is SaintJoseph, Gigondas, Vacqueyras and CrozesHermitage. Mr Souter's sweet wine that is a very classic collections, so this is also for his cup of wine investment club. It will become darker in the clear bottle even look better. The retrogradation will soon have the effect of this wine, you will feel like to put for many years. Wine after age, will become more full-bodied aroma and taste more concentrated. Liquor financial risks HTTP / / WWW. hy。 com/xinwen/. html
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