Man to collect 5000 bottles of alcoholism

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

years ago, now old Zhou Guojun every day to drink less than half jins of white wine to sleep, now, he is not drinking alcohol, even the father's birthday is no exception. Years ago, due to the need of work, he had to limit alcohol, since then, the collection bottle became his spiritual. Now he put different bottles, there are multiple, become known collection bottle up in henan province. Bottle set up house in the Lao zhou square meters of storage room, two old desk and a bookshelf, there are large and small, multiple bottles of various shapes. 'These are my collection of high-quality goods, I will come and look at every day, to see them, I feel particularly happy. 'Lao zhou piece with the bottle on the table. 'This is the yangshao wine bottle, to keep the bottle full, I wasn't willing to give up drinking now. 'Lao zhou picks up a stainless steel bottle, the bottle with kraft paper, paper has yellowed, didn't open the bottle sealed bottle. 'This is for hundreds of years old birthday girl special wine, one of my friends leave me specialized, dedicated to entertain foreign guests for the wine. 'Lao zhou piece to show the bottle on the table, there is pride in discourse. Lao zhou, said his storeroom of a bottle, just a small part of all of his added up to more than a 'base'. Someone looking for him, it takes yuan of money to buy him a bottle in the last century s, he doesn't sell. Broken in alcoholism, Lao zhou just after years old, when workers when I was younger, at that time, he often and wine with friends around. Alcohol gradually big later, wine has become daily necessities, 'don't drink alcohol does sleep'. Lao zhou's wife said, when Lao zhou home every night is a drunk, sometimes drink too much also vomit on the bed, let her out. Years ago, when the Lao zhou patrol at night, to see a man drunken fall on the side of the road, alcohol poisoning and the day is cold, frozen to death on the road. It was a great blow to him. 'People once walked, a home may be finished. 'He was determined to break. 'But I have a hobby for wine, I drink bottle a few decades ago, has been with, see the bottle, I will recall a lot of memories. 'Lao zhou said. Quit drinking, he put the collection bottle as an important thing to do. He from force gradually breaking down the idea of drinking, drinking until later, even the father's birthday, he was not drinking alcohol. Yesterday, he told reporters, the Spring Festival is near, hope you drink less. Collect bottles of
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