Man counsel blubber friend kindness by stainless steel bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

o 'clock in the morning yesterday, Mr Zhao with some friends in the city a KTV to play, the friend mr. zhang drunken blubber. Before, Mr. Zhao to dissuade him to send Mr Zhang back to the hotel. Didn't think zhang don't want to go, a beer bottle knock on Mr Zhao. Injured Mr. Zhao said, Mr. Zhang came to guiyang from liupanshui on business, just in time for the weekend, so had a good elder brothers about eating together. At the dinner table, drink a few cups of Mr Zhang. Later, and proposed to the KTV, you guys in the box to a beer. Good drinker zhang soon drunk and took Mr Zhao's hand kept telling, cry laugh for a while. All of a sudden, Mr. Zhang stood up from the sofa, began to hit the glass, fell empty wine bottles. Consult other friends stopped Mr Zhang deliriously intoxicated in time, to send him back to the hotel. Mr Zhang is not willing to walk, with zhao make up. 'Both drunk, some tough tone. 'The other friend said, after a standoff, see zhang a bottle smashed on Mr. Zhao, bleeding. Then, my friends call emergency calls, Mr Zhao to provincial medical. Through inspection, Mr. Zhao left suffered a head injury, unscathed.
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