Make-up and skincare contain a cocktail of chemicals that could leave women infertile or even cause breast cancer

by:Xianke     2020-07-04
The Up and skincare products contain a mixture of a chemical that may cause infertility in women and even lead to breast cancer.
These chemicals include deparabens and BPA, which are considered \"gender beneficiaries\" because they encourage male breast growth \".
After analyzing more than 100 women, American scientists found that women with these chemicals in their urine produce an abnormal number of reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone.
Excessive estrogen is associated with uterine fibroids and polycystic ovary syndrome, and very little estrogen prevents the egg from maturing and releasing from the ovary.
Excessive progesterone is associated with breast cancer and unusual vaginal bleeding.
Previous studies have shown that sparabens, which act as A preservative for cosmetics and skin care products, mimic estrogen and may lead to cancer, whereas double phenol (BPA)
Adding to the perfume makes the smell last longer, which is related to infertility.
Researchers from George Mason University in Virginia analyzed urine samples from 143 healthy women, all of whom were former
Menopause, do not control fertility.
Lead author Dr. Anna Polak said: \"This study is the first to study a mixture of chemicals widely used in personal care products, which are associated with health, reproductive-
Women of age, using multiple exposure measurement methods throughout the menstrual cycle, have been improved on the basis of studies relying on one or two chemical measurement methods.
Each woman provides three to five urine samples during two menstrual cycles.
The chemical substances BPA, P-ester, chlorol and benzone were evaluated.
Chlorol is used as a preservative in cosmetics and is related to acne, liver damage and cancer.
Add benzone to products such as lip balm and nail polish to protect them from UV rays.
They also prevent products such as soap from losing color and smell.
Studies have shown that benzone is associated with cancer and infertility.
Blood samples were taken from all participants to determine the level of hormones below them --
Estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone and LH.
Follicle stimulating hormone stimulates the growth of the egg in the ovary, while LH releases the egg.
Estrogen prevents the production of follicle stimulating hormone, so there is only one egg mature in each cycle and it also stimulates the production of LH.
Progesterone thickens the walls of the uterus in preparation for fertilized eggs.
Results published in the International Journal of the environment show that exposure to chemicals from all studies increases progesterone levels in women.
Higher levels of chlorol in urine also produce more estrogen and follicle stimulating hormone, while parabens and BPA increase estrogen.
Too many ostroegen are associated with estrogen advantage, which may result in non-
Cancer growth in the uterus and polycystic ovary syndrome.
Chlorol is associated with a decrease in ostrogen, follicle stimulating hormone, and LH production.
Low levels of follicle-stimulating hormone indicate that women do not spawn, while lower LH may be a sign of polycystic syndrome.
Dr. Pollack said: \"What we should take from this study is that we may need to be careful with the chemicals in the beauty and personal care products we use.
We have early indications that chemicals such as parab gold may increase estrogen levels.
If this finding is confirmed by further research, it may have an impact on estrogen-dependent diseases such as breast cancer. \'
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