Look not pleasing to the eye take stainless steel bottles to hit his past

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

the peony district li mou when having a meal and a friend on the stainless steel bottle will hurt others, because just see each other not pleasing to the eye. Recently, the peony people's district court hearing the case, li mou for stir-up-trouble crime, was sentenced to one year. Month one day later, li mou and a few friends in the city of xi 'an address vendor to have a meal, after the wine lead three cruise, he and the other man Wu Mou row. Later, li mou took up towards Wu Mou stainless steel bottle, avoiding Wu Mou was hit to the head, and li mou some friends have also come forward to help, a few people beat up Wu Mou. Wu Mou immediately called the police after being beaten, li mou friends before they leave, li mou also wants to be Wu Mou hold when they leave, was eventually came back to police station. Police questioned why hit people, li mou reason eye-popping, originally just because see Wu Mou not pleasing to the eye. Identified, the victim Wu Mou attained standards minor injury. Years, li mou has been transferred to public security organs procuratorial organs, procuratorial organs stir-up-trouble crime will be charged to the peony district people's court. Peony district people's court hearing the case, without beating others think li mou, cause minor injuries, its behavior constituted a stir-up-trouble crime, prosecutors accused guilty. After considering the li mou to justice plea attitude is good, appropriate, lighter punishment in accordance with the law. Recently, peony district people's court made the first-instance judgment, li mou was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for one year.
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