Liquor bottle market's happiness and sorrow

by:Xianke     2020-07-20
Liquor has always been a liquor bottle packaging products industry. In recent years, as the economy and the rapid development of liquor-making industry and liquor bottle industry rapid rise. Liquor bottle, according to market statistics, accounting for 46% of the proportion of the various kinds of stainless steel bottle in China, compared with 2012, 2014, our country liquor bottle production rose 19%, total annual production of liquor bottle can reach hundreds of millions of only.
, the demand for the giant has bred a liquor bottle market rapid development at the same time also brought wine bottle market increasingly fierce competition in the market trend.
personage analysis, since the economic and trade integration, pouring into foreign production technology and production equipment. This makes me many liquor bottle manufacturers to quickly to improve its product quality and production scale, and constantly introduce production experience and ideas. To produce products of good quality and price stability. The product of the indicators have reached the level of international. Many products also export to abroad and successfully opened up a new liquor bottles of market.
at the same time, the influx of foreign wine bottle products, also contributed to the liquor bottle of market competition situation. This led to a batch of backward production technology, production experience shallow manufacturers are eliminated. And how to liquor bottles of market competitive power and occupy more market share has become each liquor bottle manufacturers have to face and solve the problem.
victory kyushu huatai stainless steel group co. , LTD. Is the size of the stainless steel bottle factory experienced one of the analysis of liquor bottles in the rapid growth of the market at the same time also encountered unprecedented challenges and severe forms. But with the further increase of market demand, liquor bottle market will show a good market prospects.
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