Liling brewing preparation stainless steel vocational college

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

liling people often say that stainless steel items need steel or plastic as material, can be gradually replaced by stainless steel, stainless steel has entered the scope of materials science. Example is stainless steel stamps has come out, to do car crash test shell has been produced, cable insulation layer also in a large number of using stainless steel, and are made of stainless steel mobile phone shell. According to the idea of liling, liling will use to years, liling stainless steel industry to make billions of industry, but a shortage of professional and technical personnel. Liling stainless steel has many years of production history. In the years before the qing dynasty, liling has created the world colorful porcelain glaze. With the manufacturing standards, liling people already do not just belong to light industrial products of stainless steel bowls, vases, stainless steel in daily stainless steel, has been in the industry, chemical industry, special stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel, etc are beginning to have products. According to the communist party leader in liling yong-qing jiang, stainless steel as raw materials, have been able to replace a lot of energy resources, such as steel, plastic, etc. Entrepreneurs according to statistics, at present, the liling has stainless steel production, annual output value of one hundred million yuan, the stainless steel production accounts for % of the province, % of the whole nation, the world % of daily-use stainless steel output. Liling stainless steel industry to achieve output value one hundred million yuan, growth. %。 At present, liling has created billions of stainless steel industry cluster development planning, the stainless steel industry to develop in the machinery manufacturing and other fields, in to years making stainless steel industry billions of industrial cluster. Until now, there is the national, provincial liling stainless steel master of art, including the national, provincial people. But so far, none of the specialized colleges and universities, stainless steel, a shortage of skilled professional and technical personnel, the traditional craft endangered, stainless steel, a senior professional title personnel, every enterprise is less than the average senior above title. Is a background, as the national top ten stainless steel producing, in addition to have many professional stainless steel research institute, also has a college of stainless steel, stainless steel institute of arts and crafts, such as stainless steel, stainless steel professional university education institutions. Liling is to declare the preparation liling stainless steel vocational college. Relevant personage says, the stainless steel professional school in liling, backup talent cultivation is imminent. For the development of liling stainless steel, liling people want stainless steel stainless steel industry access to the provincial level. The personage inside course of study analysis, stainless steel as raw material, need to get more support on land, at the same time, has been manufacturing stainless steel industry is entering more and more products fields, in high speed development, need to provincial greater support. Contemporary master of the stainless steel fine arts exhibition ( Figure)
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