LiangQing years drink up bikes while see the police car intercept for bottle provocation

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

this the lees tuojiang river south of sections. Banan traffic patrol detachment XunLuoZu are at night now. Suddenly, the front intersection channeling a cross-country motorcycle, towards the lees Tuo bridge hurricane, engine hooves across the far away can be heard. You see, the patrol police car driver and passenger had a man with a beer bottle, driving while drinking, but it seems that has been drinking red. Police quickly followed, driving through the propaganda, ask the driver immediately stop for inspection. But the driver didn't slow down, the meaning of the accelerator instead a trample, began to accelerate to flee. See the motorcycle along the sharp yaw drive, police have to speed up more than motorcycles, will stop the police car cross in front of the li Tuo bridge crossing, intent to be forced to stop. But the motorcycle driver in spite of the police car stop completely, should change direction into the lees Tuo city, after the police car, two people even lifting the bottle to make obvious provocative actions. Frequently rushed card motorcycle driver ran all the way to let two people's behaviour, is likely to be a major accident. To prevent further intensification of the police car following too close pilot mood, carefully control the speed, the patrol police and motorcycle maintain proper distance, at the same time to report back to the branch of command center request reinforcements. Soon, near a flat wagon flow under the command center scheduling, reach the lees Tuo evergrande town road. But the motorcycle too fast, while the flow flat wagon has not stopped, quickly turn right into chongqing south triage process run in the direction of democratic new street. In order to escape from the police car following behind, the driver will motorcycle lane directly into reverse, and even played the brakes, suddenly forced to squeeze the police car and other dangerous action. In order to ensure the safety of the other party, the police had to repeatedly to reduce the speed of the car distance. In a police car follow 'escort', after the motorcycle past the democratic new street, road interchange, lung chau avenue. Due to the relatively wide along the road, the temporary card point to truncate the pavement, crazy drivers to blunt several intercept card points. Police have already saw the police car deployed repeatedly concession, motorcycle drivers more crazy, continue to make curve road, around dangerous actions, such as police car. In high spirits of the driver did not notice, in his own police constant block has left the broad shine in distributary channel, settled into a relatively closed chongqing south road. At this point, the motorcycle has followed three police cars behind them. Ahead under the command center scheduling, cross road for Taiwan police car completely sealed, traffic patrol along the way and the policemen have been ready. When a motorcycle in chongqing south road near the sun city card point, the road ahead is completely closed. But the motorcycle driver instead of parking, on the contrary to intercept the police car drove the directly. After a collision of the villager ', motorcycle ran several warning signs and conical barrel and stopped. Two young immediately jumped off the motorcycle ran. Was no more than a few steps, two people will be ready the police captured. Drink hot heads for stimulation, according to police estimates, in the process of the motorcycle escape at a top speed of more than kilometers, the escape distance of more than ten kilometres. Yesterday we learned from this police, the driver Gong Mou, age, ride a motorcycle Zhu Mou, age, jiulongpo district, no driver's license. Gong Mou confession to the police, in the evening after drinking at the party, and two people to seek stimulation, borrowed from a friend a cross-country motorcycle to binjiang road racing. Was discovered, the patrol police two person mind a hot, think now or never, just can feel some chase scenes in the movie, this just a motorcycle racing provocation and card and other excesses. After the examination, Gong Mou blood alcohol content of mg/ml, is suspected of dangerous driving detained by police, the case is under further probing.
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