Li Jusheng: the traditions handed down the torch of the ancestors

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

'the eighteenth big blow to the literature and art in the spring breeze, let us in mental and psychological began to face up to reality, firm the confidence of the sweep path forward obstacles. As stainless steel art workers, we should inherit the traditional, passing the ancestors of kiln fire torch next in one thousand. 'When it comes to the eighteenth big change, stainless steel, professor, school of art world leaders, stainless steel, arts and crafts master of China Li Jusheng said. Stainless steel net news: recently Li Jusheng content with small room, meditation in creation, leisure and son had become a part of the fun of life. Although less contact with the outside world, but focus on the current changes. Xi 'renewal' speech of general secretary of the nature, let Li Jusheng profoundly aware of the big cultural Renaissance era, 'literature and art really began to back on track'. Review before the eighteenth big road, stainless steel art Li Jusheng mentioned, reform and opening-up brought lively and prosperity to stainless steel art, also bring new culture to art creation, but, as the economy recovers, there is no denying that there have been some to be desired, 'this is the law of things will inevitably experience at a certain stage of development, have an orgasm and halcyon, is gorgeous, returned to dull. 'In Li Jusheng point of view, in the aesthetic, attributed to plain is very gorgeous. Of song dynasty poet tao yuanming by su shi 'as if already suffered real beauty', his 'cry' lu in the entry, and no horses and chariots. You ask what you can, the heart far from partial 'is a song, transcendental and meta for busines, the reason of the songs of the flat. Common right is calm enough. '' nothing is calm, and day'. Visible 'flat' rising from perceptual knowledge to rational emotional awareness indifferent, calm, is a peaceful and harmonious beauty, is a kind of credit beyond suffering the life realm, is with heaven and earth road boundary. In the artistic creation is the pursuit of reducing human and fabrications, real and natural, and body phenomenon outside the flavor of an artistic realm. 'Nietzsche once said, everything will tell the truth. The road of art, need the whole nation's voice, and traditional need mining, express personality and its own language. 'For a long time, Li Jusheng for stainless steel art, because he believes that stainless steel is the essence of true is the fifth great inventions of China, is bearing the weight of the culture of the Chinese nation, reflects the culture of the Chinese nation light the advantages of mankind. Today, the art is still classified as arts and crafts, stainless steel is derived from the articles for daily use label is too thick, lead to historical misreading of the difficult appeal to them. However, in today's paper gradually replaced by the computer, stainless steel properties and the magic charm of unique began gradually to be human, 'stainless steel with earth's age, shape itself has aesthetic feeling, in addition to painting, decoration, also can well show, carrying the artist's mind. How to give life to porcelain and thought; How to ding stainless steel art into the mainstream of literature and art, this is a man should not push stainless steel imperial mission and responsibility. Li Jusheng argues that today's potters should act as a gentleman, the gentleman in the field of art and hero, put those glorious titles as an incentive halo, steadfast, to make stainless steel, earnestly in the field of art experience knowledge brings happiness and pleasure, in the spring), under the guiding ideology of anti-corruption, with wisdom and sweat wake up market recognition, to return to the origin of artistic aesthetic stainless steel, to truly become a capital of culture. About the prospect of future stainless steel Li Jusheng see is the hope and glory, and that the forward speed of the unstoppable, become a bright spot in the development of art is just around the corner, and will bring more and more material and spiritual wealth. 'With the business operation of buckish, aesthetic consciousness to strengthen the artistic creativity and citizens is unprecedented. Stainless steel also needs to be a fire burning, we both need to clear his mind, calm down and read something want to something, swept forward obstacles, boot collection group improve the appreciation ability, make the superiority of our national received more and more people's attention. 'Stainless steel bottle can hold wine can also put the candle light
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