Li Jusheng stainless steel school of fine arts professor

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

Li Jusheng male, originally from boyang county of jiangxi province in the pearl reaches, was born in Jiang Xibo Yang years. Current deputy director of the academy of fine arts of stainless steel, professor, master of China arts and crafts, member of China artists association, member of China arts and crafts association, standing director of China artists association and jiangxi branch, city art workers association vice President, vice President of the academy. Li Jusheng focus on the breakthrough of the existing values of arts and crafts, excavate the deep structure of modern culture, preferring to society, life, history and natural experience, to express their art thoughts, their own aesthetic and artistic personality, gradually formed its own style painting. Li Jusheng stainless steel works of fine art, the composition is spectacular, with natural and unrestrained and vigorous pen, derive the essence of Oriental culture, draw lessons from the western tradition and the modern art techniques, its style of primitive simplicity and novel, XiongJin and grandeur, has high artistic taste. Work 'painters don't know people have' won second prize of national arts exhibition 'man and porcelain' won the 'ceramics capital of China - — International stainless steel section 'won the first prize in painting and calligraphy exhibition' dragon taste grass bouquet 'won second prize of national arts exhibition' celebrate the return of Hong Kong to quiver 'won Hong Kong's return to China to commemorate the organizing committee of the collection of the judges awarded the best creative award' painters don't know people have collected by national art museum of China 'the cool autumn wind' by the Chinese craft art gallery 'camels jiangnan' in nanjing federation collection work load 'of series of Chinese new literature and art' - — Set in the city of Los Angeles in the United States held personal TaoYiZhan years held in Shanghai TaoYiZhan years held in taichung individuals TaoYiZhan year published 'Li Jusheng stainless steel art' in a paper just published in 'China stainless steel' editor-in-chief in qing dynasty porcelain YanJian record 'stainless steel fine appreciation of contemporary art in China' ( The text of China, English, Japanese, a total of more than 60 words) Year for the stainless steel corpora 'staff years published in the art creation and stainless steel biography' Cambridge international who's who 'biography' of contemporary Chinese artists dictionary of stainless steel 'in work' autumn ', 'tang dynasty polo figure' loaded 'Chinese modern art collection' since the birth of stainless steel under the glaze painting, porcelain, the glaze decoration, glaze color has always been under the glaze painting under the representative of the genre, and lee's brother on the base of the traditional genre painting pulse, can do innovation, and god, colorful, bold colors, collocation is novel; 's traditional Chinese character, often conception is gentle, simple, concise, colorful, composition characters form almost all gentleness. Create a 'modern painting under the glaze era'; Make peers unanimously praised, in really not easy JingDeShen ten outstanding youth ZhangChaoHui stainless steel bottle recommend stainless steel
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