Li Jun - of arts and crafts master of China Li jin

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

li jin Li Jun skill, male, born years, jiangxi shicheng. Advanced crafts, arts and crafts master of China, senior member of China arts and crafts society, jiangxi province artists association, member of the enjoyment of 'special government allowances of the State Council. Li jin long stainless steel institute of light industry engaged in the study of the artistic creation of stainless steel, from 'pearl mountain eight friends of Mr Wang Dafan bitter research skills perseverance. He is good at stainless steel decoration, and flowers and birds and animals. Was awarded the first prize for national awards for many times. Works for collectors at home and abroad, works published in 'China stainless steel', 'collection of heaven and earth' magazine book. Profile in the Chinese contemporary artist names recorded 'and' Chinese contemporary art world who's who 'book, etc. Male, stage name 'Li Jun'. Origin of nanchang county of jiangxi province in summer long litsun, was born in jiangxi shicheng. Stainless steel industry in light industry ministry of arts and crafts master of China's national science institute, art room, professional engaged in stainless steel art creation and research. As a senior technical titles crafts, named 'stainless steel artist, he is a member of China artists association and jiangxi branch, China arts and crafts association, executive director of the association of art workers, the CPPCC member of the sixth and the seventh and the eighth session of the standing committee. Li jin his childhood, family circumstances poor. Years encouraged farmers to learn skills which, from stainless steel art masters, one of the eight friends' 'bead mountain Wang Dafan Sir. His bitter to grind stainless steel drawing skills, insist for a long time to field sketch, innovation, and pursuit of division of ancient dabble in lapping painting art theory books, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign perseverance, the pursuit of knowledge in art and works of famous artists exhibition attendance in the enlightenment, learning traditional painting skills, choose to learn from western art genre modelling way, over time, sleep solo, make its artistic quality and technique of expression 'ecomax'. Li jin stainless steel works of fine art, explore the connotation of emotion of object, emphatically not float in the 'shape', enjoy in 'shape' preach 'god' express 'feeling'. From conception to form creation, the profound ideological content and profound artistic blend solution polymerization, create an elegant, quiet, implicative, concise, pale set the art of the situation. At the end of his pen and ink, ladies, peirce, modern character, its artistic style, personality is distinct, each has its charm, the leading charm, break through the traditional figure painting neo-realistic typed mode, reveals the era, into the self emotion, shape the picture form with meaning deep artistic image. His early works the magic brush, 'seven sages of bamboo forest' in the seventy s, the works of 'the peacock flies southeast' thief 'operator' in the eighty s of the dai jade 'narcissus', 'ten niangs', 'the doors' in the ninety s work 'li bai', 'qu yuan', 'dongpo poetic figure' 'li shangyin reflects his character porcelain painting art specialty, namely through external visual image, fine Ming yan's picture, unique shape, concentrated inner emotions of artistic language, to explore and reflect the deep psychological characters. His unique skill, is highly evaluated by the art world. Li jin is good at figure painting, and flowers and birds, animals, landscape. His porcelain plate painting, porcelain, 'the waves', 'view', 'lily', 'spring', pen energetic and fluent, fill in the beautiful and elegant, mountains and rivers, witty taken in painting, purging a cavity lofty sentiments in the pen. Its momentum grand, its implication continous far, its beautiful landscape, a rough look fine goods, to get a free and easy, elegant, beauty, edify. Li jin diligence HuiShi, thrall. Over the years works, good idea to. His works won the national award item, paragraphs, awards at the provincial level and municipal awards. The pastel 'narcissus', 'the doors factory years respectively the stainless steel one, the second prize of art competitions. 'The daffodils' disc, was awarded the first prize for the city the first stainless steel art 'hundred flowers awards'. 'Peacock flies southeast', was awarded a prize of excellent flower surface of light industry. The ten niangs, years won the second prize of literary and artistic creation in jiangxi province. Years, sino-japanese et. al. 'stainless steel art' published his works of 'miss' 'who's who of stainless steel art', 'China stainless steel' 'stainless steel', 'the art of stainless steel' Hong Kong 'collection of heaven and earth' 'China's extraction of writing illustrated project introduction to him. Years, Shanghai television shooting feature films 'li jin stainless steel art', played in the 'cultural life' show, is famous in Shanghai. Stainless steel works of fine art has sent him to Japan, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong to participate in the 'famous masterpieces exhibition. Years, li jin is the communist party of China municipal party committee and the municipal people's government awarded the 'city technology talent. Wang Enhuai painting of flowers and a wonderful work of arts and crafts master of China in the world
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