Less than 20 thousands for private collection the genuine article

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

dongguan private collectors huge crowd, but the level is not optimistic. 'Sponsored by shaoguan municipal party committee propaganda department, dongguan neutralization hall to undertake' fund for project bidding will large ecological culture 'will be held on February 2nd, a wide range of collections for the first time for dongguan folk collectors collection activities began to more than 10 days, more than one thousand to apply for collection of the vast majority of the identified as a fake. Be responsible for the active control of well-known expert cloud-l thinks, dongguan collectors took collection error '' too many people. Activity is introduced according to neutralize hall bidding will xue-mei chang, head of the introduction, the scope of activities for covering the calligraphy and painting, porcelain, jade, stone, are recommended, such as more than 20 categories, collecting time for month to month, the city folk collectors are involved. All send on collection by Beijing wenbo yuan collection appraisal center expert cloud-l spot appraisal, reached on condition can deal with relevant formalities. Foreign big clap back collection turns out to be fake 'dongguan collectors participation enthusiasm is very high, this time by the objective things I have taken are more than one thousand, but the true thing less than twenty. 'Said cloud-l, collection of items in the majority with porcelain, calligraphy and painting, including how a painting and calligraphy. Most of the calligraphy and painting collection is no collection value addition, some with panting, Li Keran, qi baishi, such as the works of the masters, in fact is pseudograph quality is not high. Send porcelain is also taken in the majority with a fake. 'Some outside dongguan collectors to auction the rule, the buy or fake. 'Cloud-l, for example, found that the identification of a collector of' qi baishi 'painting is spend ten thousand yuan, I come back from Japan auction another gentleman of qing yongzheng colored enamel is spent ten thousand yuan from the us. These collectors are one-sided think auction operations abroad is more formal, but I don't know when the same meeting. Shortlisted for the most expensive collection for ten thousand yuan, said tian stone cloud-l nearly 20 pieces have been shortlisted for the overall quality is not high. It is worth mentioning that a meters long century-old guan xiang is valuable. Although weathering is more serious, it can help visitors understand the morphology characteristics of old guan xiang, so accept it without any hesitation. Another thing from the tian Hong Kong sent to elephant stone carvings, offered ten thousand yuan, collectors is by far one of the most expensive items received. 'Dongguan collectors with communication, found that most people lack knowledge collection, the collection is blind. 'Said cloud-l, valuable ancient jade, antique world amount was very limited, a little knowledge of collection, hard to avoid can buy a fake. He suggested that the dongguan collectors can look to the contemporary master of porcelain, modern celebrity calligraphy and painting of jade article, the author is still alive, it would have been on some. He also thinks that dongguan part of Tibet home has not yet surfaced, 'truly valuable collection is not easily off'. It is understood that the auction proceeds will be used in shaoguan city, set up special fund of cultural development. Due to previous solicitation to the collection of quality is not high, cloud-l auction is expected to moves in mid-range. Huizhou seven painters try water blue and white porcelain
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