Kunming after low-end liquor blending into high-grade stainless steel bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

kunming municipal public security bureau of economic investigation detachment and yangzonghai in century city public security bureau of police seized within residential building one of these fakes dens, seized fakes, involving more than ten thousand yuan, and captured a suspect is manufacture fakes. Points in the afternoon, century city jade spring YuanDong unit of basement, the police are checking up all kinds of wine on the ground. The basement is divided into room of different sizes, which room are stacked maotai, the cellar, sword, wuliangye, such as high-grade liquor, it is difficult to distinguish true and false from the outer packing. In another house littered with filling tools, empty bottles and packaging, etc. Police to interrogation captured the man, the man said in east poly auto parts city and outlets shop. Then, several police rushed to outlets shop, and after the outlets shop found nearly a maotai storage warehouse. Store a staff member says, have worked in the store for years, but he only responsible for sales, don't know what in-store sales are fakes. According to the police, the case belongs to the syndicates, captured nguyen man is guizhou person, produce fakes have over time. Gang members by recycling all kinds of high-grade wine bottle, and then from guizhou maotai ( ) Town after buying low-grade liquor blending to filling, pretend to be high-grade liquor wholesale sales. The police have arrested suspects, two people on the run. It is understood that the dens of nearly ten thousand yuan RMB, the price of a bottle of maotai and cost only a few yuan. These wine packaging and are mainly sold to chongqing, zhejiang, chengdu, and every city in yunnan province. 'Now sure jade spring garden more than indoor underground wine are fakes, while outlets shop selling wine after appraisal professional appraisal to be sure. Jin huang Taiwan coffee wine bottle custom products
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