Kid 15 years to collect all a bottle containing the largest water bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

will show 'is one of the largest up bottle, bottle industry in our country xu-tao wang said that the bottle is back in bottle, do manual work is delicate, and the surface copper plating, in order to collect the stainless steel bottle, also went to the winery. Work in restaurants, started from the guests at the dinner table, trash pick up the bottle; Years, collecting all kinds of bottle tens of thousands of pieces, filled up with two square meters of the house, including the bottle industry's largest up bottles of 'water margin'. Xu-tao wang is luoyang a hotel employee, now part of the bottles collected from the guests at the dinner table, the other from across the country 'bottle is in the hands of' exchange, to buy. Small bottle how much charm, unexpectedly let a guy enjoyed after teetotal? With these questions, the month, the river newspaper reporter walked into the xu-tao wang's house. Wenbo conference: new exhibitors sell bottle stainless steel bottle
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