Kang Ximin kiln lotus birth of blue and white porcelain tasting area

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

in the traditional culture for thousands of years of Chinese feudal society, people regard family as a top priority. Many places still kept in the traditional way for newlyweds to blessing, more popular him sons sons bags, chopsticks, etc. , in order to wish the couple many children and grandchildren; And place for our new house is filled with Chinese dates, chestnuts, pomegranate fruit, such as fruit tray, or put it in the bedding, early child, the child, many children. As a result, formed many qi zi related folk customs, reflecting the core content of traditional attitudes. The popular 'the birth of' theme is widespread. The subject in the near the five dynasties in dunhuang murals and published. In anhui huaiyuan yan set in rural village of Liu Wei tang tomb unearthed bronze mirror side kwai shape ( Figure) Areas of high relief within two stand naked children, in the right child, for example: epicranium lotus, arms, hands holding left foot blooming lotus and the lotus flower, lotus, right leg is raised; In respect of the stainless steel, copper kiln have been excavated in changsha, hunan in the last century s a green glaze brown color ewer disability in tang dynasty, the right graph shows: under the spout a lad with lotus put your right shoulder, gallop, ribbons and elegant; Then the five dynasties period of shaanxi yao stamps lotus lad grain state kiln. In the song the subject in the national each big kiln mouth increase gradually. Each big kiln averaging to innocent and lively, secure a lotus fat, she led to independence as the foundation, composition is widely applied in the New Year pictures, embroidery, sculpture, painting, shadow play, paper cutting, and other areas of the folk art. This comes from life and higher than life re-creation, loved by the folk. This and probably didn't elegant beautiful, profound culture. 'Lotus' unique character and preach Buddhism advocates the spirit of the basic there are plenty of things in common, become the symbol of the Buddha, is also considered to clean, to the best, the most holy, where there is life, there is revered by Buddhism. In the long history of promoting should be male, and well, and many children blessed with buddhist lotus lines of combined in traditional concepts. Lotus was endowed with more meaning to development of rich and colorful 'lotus culture'; With the development of history, the lotus lad also by or sitting, standing on the lotus, or the lotus, for the development of skillfully using homophonic combined into 'the birth of' ( Lotus, sheng, sweet osmanthus, the lad) 。 Good a word 'lotus', not only contains very many children, but with a barrage of 'joint' role in this piece of the qing emperor kangxi medium-term kilns blue and white porcelain 'lotus birth chart' (a miniature Figure) , the overall view of the composition is full even, rich sense of rhythm, draw the outline of transition, careful, fair, blue and white hair color is gorgeous, definitely belong to the same fine work; Fine goods, could see a lively, innocently fat doll of the history and culture of many elements, dressed in Chinese style small chinese-style chest covering, with western fashion hairstyle, arm with bracelets, bangles, barefoot with auspicious auspicious image presented itself, three children products form the font composition. The frame, the following two children one leg touchdown, lotus, with both hands is squatting kneeling posture shows the identity; Postpone the viewpoint held by the lower children lotus lever up, you will find that because different identity and survival environment, with the uplift of the children is above is free from vulgarity type flying angel, is the following two children holding a lotus pole docking, to form a 'connected' state, after a spate of metaphor, the circle of life. Three children's facial expression is a little different, the formation of organic combination, make the painting more resistant to view and admire a gender, added a few minutes with the emotional atmosphere. Headed by characters' ancient porcelain grain, every picture has its moral or story in which, for the porcelain painting essence. Back to see this porcelain pieces: a child a lotus, the two children's play common, while the three children's clever 'connection' picture is rare, the lotus culture and YingXiWen has certain ornamental and research value. Is: porcelain pieces, though a 'cheap', 'union' in traditional culture, 'even' with the ancients ideology and historical and cultural connotation. Blue and white painted as mix water process
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