Judging from four porcelain collection value

by:Xianke     2020-07-20

if I let you go to collect a no 'qing qianlong year' in China, for the majority of investors would hesitate. In fact, although some porcelain porcelain no inscriptions, but free collection of its unique characteristics to attract many buyers to purchase, such as the neck and ring foot ji exquisite rare blue paint decoration, such as each disc melon leng sash had a different flowers, including peony ornamentation, lotus ornamentation, chrysanthemum, plum blossom decorative design decorative pattern, red pomegranate ornamentation and lotus ornamentation, and consistent with qianlong be fond of the characteristics of large porcelain. A piece of porcelain wares to see if there is has its own unique value depends on not only has a long history, more important is it to have ornamental value, so the porcelain library experts remind you when buying Chinese porcelain is to pay attention to the following points. The first to 'the ancient'. In the ancient porcelain, antique an 'old' word. Belong to the traditional collection of old China, or antique ( Modern collection now play) , antique. Ancient artifacts are historical relics, combined with China preservation is better than gold, copper stone content easily, such as the less guile, the more your guile. The second to 'thin'. Scarcity value. If your porcelain of song dynasty, because of its rare and more precious, especially the royal porcelain. According to the statistics, handed down since the late northern song dynasty in the imperial porcelain total of no more than hundred, and collection in Beijing's Forbidden City ( Weibo) Museum, Shanghai museum and museum and a few collectors from all over the world, so have 'is better than riches, longitudinal your porcelain a'. Ancient porcelain collectors at home and abroad, in the song dynasty, 'ru, jun,, brother,' the five ancient jun for hot work, the second is the color blue and white porcelain of yuan dynasty. The third 'beauty'. In song dynasty five of ancient jun, only ding kiln porcelain, and ru, officer, brother, jun are blue glaze win. Set porcelain products are rare, however, it is not only in its embryo glaze as snow like silver, but lies in its elegant scratching, hand-cut and printing of grain. And the fine porcelain, is a flower in the song dynasty CiYi baihua yuan. It is pay attention to the of primitive simplicity and elegant, and the pursuit of beautiful modelling, the unique artistic charm in the Oriental aesthetics. Blue and white and colored glaze porcelain in the qing dynasty, yuan dynasty is famous for its fine, although in the folk has a certain capacity, but the price also is expensive. The fourth 'qiao'. Want to notice to collect market demand is big, bullish ancient porcelain. This kind of high potential 'qiao' goods prices. Some years ago, the qing three generations of royal porcelain in the auction completion price to thousands, tens of thousands of yuan. Now, thanks to the market demand is increasing price has amounted to hundreds of thousands, millions of royal porcelain, even tens of millions. In addition, the sale price of domestic ancient porcelain while rising in recent years, but compared with international bidding or lower, the latter is often several times or even dozens of times higher. Currently in the collection of old China team, with the exception of a few connoisseurs of scholarly collection collection and corporate investors have some high-grade ancient porcelain treasures, the most favorite porcelain porcelain collection of collectors is perfection is given priority to, its collection purpose is also out of interest hobby, edify sentiment. In fact, not all porcelain has the collection value, need to pay attention to methods, especially for porcelain collection areas, in addition to pay attention to the authenticity, and grasp the several dimensions.
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