JiYi consequent Chinese disabled person welfare foundation donation ceremony

by:Xianke     2020-07-20

stainless steel famous art master before Mr JiYiShun donation that the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation. Ten thousand yuan, used to support the foundation to carry out the 'set good suitable share information, information of assistive civilization' public welfare projects. Shi-ming lv, vice President of China Disabled Persons' Federation, vice President of the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation XingJianXu, deputy director general of department of industry and information technology, consumer goods industry yan-min gao, the Ministry of Civil Affairs cadre Shen Dongliang folk organization administration foundation, yong-ge sun, deputy secretary-general of the Internet society of China, Chinese braille press President zhang wei, yixing city vice mayor zhou in equality leaders attended the donation ceremony was held in braille library. The donation ceremony, vice President of XingJianXu on behalf of the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation to Mr JiYiShun expressed thanks for the love of good deeds. He said Chinese disabled person welfare foundation has always attached great importance to mobilize social forces to participate in the assistive career, to the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation donation, the Mr JiYiShun reflected Mr JiYiShun to undertakings for disabled persons, the feeling of love and care for people with disabilities, the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation with high sense of responsibility to Mr JiYiShun donations with good, implement JiYiShun Sir's love. Mr JiYiShun adhere to the local culture in the artistic creation idea, to history and culture and jiangnan culture as the background, traditional mining, development innovation. In sand pot of plastic arts in Chinese paintings, sculptures and other elements, created a 'draw on the pot, pot in the picture', personal art with the characteristic of poetic style, had a great effect in inside and outside. At the same time, the enthusiastic social public welfare undertakings, to make donations to public welfare institutions for many times, his profound social sense of responsibility. The donation of Mr JiYiShun, will be used to fund in the Beijing area of the poor families of disabled students and poor family students complete their studies, and support the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation in information accessibility work, through computer training and other activities, help the disabled to use computers, network education, vocational skills training, crossing the information gap, to better integrate into social life. Wide network in Beijing ( Reporter berenikeullmann)
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