Jin tong special porcelain auction 60% clinch a deal

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

month, shanxi jin tong summer China which nearly, modern artistic porcelain auction in shanxi literature and art in % of successful sell-through rate dropping the hammer. The sale has launched more than stainless steel artist's works. Among them, the modern kiln, Numbers for '' under the glaze color double-sided painting hibiscus flowers ornamental bowl appearance in the auction, and by ten thousand yuan ( Including commission) Clinch a deal valence to become champion of the auction. It is understood that under the glaze color double-sided painting hibiscus flowers ornamental bowl is the national arts and crafts master xi-liang wang, Dai Ronghua, Wang Guiying, liu ping, HongGuoZhong personally created, including more than dedicated to chairman MAO's appreciation. Years, is located in the national institute of light ministry stainless steel according to the general office of the central file instructions, the secret to develop a batch of for chairman MAO special life porcelain, project code-named ', 'chairman MAO with this batch of porcelain later generations called' modern official kiln 'or' red kiln ', design including water points peach blossom red berries under the glaze and glaze, glaze under double face painted lotus lanterns. Hibiscus flowers from chairman MAO's poetry to find inspiration, it is also one of chairman MAO's favorite flower, from the oblique · a friend 'the kingdom of the lotus from zhaohui'. In addition, the state of arts and crafts master Dai Ronghua porcelain plate paintings also popular alba, clap a ten thousand dollars. Dai Ronghua good at ancient, enamel decoration, combined with new color, blue and white, is good at figures, flowers and birds, landscapes, and integrated design, works with the style and traditional ethnic characteristics, historic and decorative. Apricot south China debut the 15th tangshan ceramics exposition
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