International southeast city of fuzhou stainless steel merchants favor

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

fuzhou stainless steel chamber of commerce in founding conference opening ceremony held in fuzhou shangri-la hotel on the third floor, stainless steel chamber of commerce from fuzhou, fuzhou, fuzhou wood decoration industry chamber of commerce chamber of commerce, fuzhou hardware mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce and so on various major business leaders, celebrities and stainless steel merchants on behalf of the people involved in the activity together. As a key project of provincial 'twelfth five-year' plan in fuzhou government planning to move the main building materials market to undertake to - International southeast city was invited to the meeting, be paid close attention to by the height of each building materials elite. Stainless steel merchants cliques in according to the fuzhou stainless steel chamber of commerce executive director gui-ming wang, stainless steel chamber of commerce merchants are outsourcing to realize building materials market is inevitable, so are considering how to neighbors moved to a bigger capacity. And international southeast city area is large, not only valuable is its independent available property store, a variety of conditions are in line with the requirements of stainless steel merchants to relocate to undertake. Activities in the evening, fuzhou stainless steel overall relocation is signed by the chamber of commerce and the southeast, the international city of intention in the agreement. Clear the closure of the building materials market in downtown in stainless steel industry will be the overall relocation in southeast, fuzhou international city. The international building trade and distribution center, southeast city by fujian Wu Gang group and in the champions league auspicious two group joint investment, investment management co. , located in fuzhou city 'south TaDong into' the center of the main development direction, the future city deputy nantong city, planning a total cover an area of mu, total construction area of over million square meters, with a total investment of more than one hundred million yuan. Set of independent property right down the street all location, SOHO, hotel, exhibition, warehousing logistics, headquarters is an organic whole, make the whole industrial cluster, big commerce, big circulation, large market as the core of the distribution center of commerce. At present, the issue started on in years, to be completed monthly, building materials market in downtown years opening before we moved, ensure that the best interest of the market transition and merchants.
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