Inner Mongolia spot check batch qualified rate of 95 stainless steel beer bottle factory. 8%

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

the reporter learned from the autonomous region bureau of quality and technical supervision, the agency has checked the companies of beer bottles of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, percent of pass is batch. %。 It is understood that the selectived examination a batch products companies, qualified entrepreneurs, a batch of qualified, percent of pass is batch. %。 The supervision and random examination project focuses on the beer bottle inside pressure, thermal shock resistance, impact resistance, marks or other aspects of the quality condition. See from the result of spot check, there is a production of beer bottles of resistance to internal pressure, impact resistant is unqualified. Resistance to internal pressure, impact resistant both is to determine the key project of beer quality, it will directly affect the use of the beer bottle safety performance, the project is unqualified is the key for the beer bottle explosion cuts will bring great hidden trouble for consumer safety. Jin JiLan peony celestial bottle packaging
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