Industrial refrigeration plate profile

by:Xianke     2020-05-23
The frozen industrial use dish is often used in food processing industry or refrigeration industry, it is specifically for ice large plates, usually rectangular, is a large rectangle made by stainless steel or other metal materials ice bucket. Its main function is for ice, but it ice specification is not strict, we usually see in the paella store plate in front of the facade of all kinds of seafood, will have to keep seafood temperature ice shop in the following, these ice, is frozen by the rectangle shape plate of frozen out, instead of what we call to frozen food dishes. Listened to the introduction of small make up, you should be able to correctly distinguish between the two but use different names like frozen dishes. : next time you hear in the name of the frozen set, remember must think what its purpose. Article here will be over, if you are interested in other aspects of knowledge, we recommend that you read the high-grade ice bucket how to prevent the local brittle fracture, this article, the hope can bring you more help. Welcome you the presence! Please baidu: frozen plate, stainless steel instruments, the stainless steel ice bucket
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