In 2015, all kinds of spray bottle of new market price

by:Xianke     2020-07-21
A spray bottle, also called the color bottles, bottle factory is a wine packaging supplies, the surface color performance and similar to the work of the arts and crafts, leaves a spray bottle as the one of wine packaging products; But affected by production costs, the price of the spray bottle tend to be in the ordinary price of stainless steel bottle, the next victory kyushu huatai bottle factory related people will all kinds of spray bottle new market price is released, so that buyers reference.
because of the difference of the spray bottle design case, resulting in the appearance of the spray bottle and production materials are also different, so the price is different also, with an average of spray bottle, its new market price in 3 yuan/a, and for this kind of spray bottle, the bottle had no too luxuriant adornment, simply use some spray coating, and its surface has a bright color, suitable for low-end bottle packaging; Another is in the spray bottle, this kind of spray bottle on the basis of ordinary spray bottle, add some fashion design elements, allows the effect of spray packing bottle looks significantly better than the ordinary spray bottle, now the class of spray bottle in the 5 yuan/a new bid; After is the spray bottles, spray bottles in addition to the above characteristics of the first two, and also use some other process to adorn spraying, such as the bottle gold-plated process and roast flowers, etc. , so that the spray bottle seem to have the packaging effect, gas is more suitable for wine packaging products, at present the market price of the spray bottle in 8 ~ 10 yuan.
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