Ice bucket renovation process

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Ice bucket current market demand is bigger, some second-hand products can be recycled, still can be good for use after the renovation, the renovation process how? Here introduce you to everyone. 1, recycling, from various places, used scrap ice bucket recycling back. 2, cleaning, the recycling of waste ice bucket thoroughly cleaned. 3, disinfection, clean of waste ice bucket thoroughly disinfect processing. 4, plastic, the plastic processing clean again. 5, packing, wrap plastic processing good finishing. Above is the introduction to the renovation process of ice bucket, we can see the process of renovation is very simple, you also should pay attention to when buy new machine to check products, avoid buy inferior equipment affect our normal use. A: not the next article: galvanized ice bucket in the barrel body concave deformation reason of related information
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