Ice bucket before production of dry processing

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
Ice bucket before this kind of product in the production to be - is a necessary procedure Dry processing. Why do you say so? Dry processing of ice bucket to normal put into use, to ensure that the product use effect, the specific is what is the process? Below we see together: 1, the ice bucket should be done before in hot-dip hot air drying, hot air after drying chamber flows outward, to drain attached to the plating pieces of plating aid on the surface of the water. 2, control the flow of hot air drying pit, 100 degrees Celsius - 150 degrees Celsius. 3, the workpiece in dry pit baking time is usually 2 - 5 minutes, of tectonic structure more complex components shall be determined according to the degree of workpiece surface drying baking time. 4, dry pit cover must be started barrier-free, ice bucket should be fully dry, hoisted out from the dry pit should be performed immediately after immersion plating, lest the artifact placed plating aid get damp long hours in the air. Before the above content is what we in the production of ice bucket has to be dry processing, only the product after this ritual can really be put into use, to let more friends feel free to use. A: galvanized ice bucket before cleaning a: under the protection work of how to realize the stainless steel ice bucket of ice bucket welding technology related information
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