We major in producing stainless steel ice bucket and wine cooler since 1998. Stainless steels are most well known for their corrosion resistance, which increases with increasing chromium content. Its resistance to corrosion and staining, easy maintenance, and good luster make it a perfect material for many applications. 

Ice bucket or wine cooler is an essential for any bar or party, whatever single walled design or double walled design. With a polished stainless steel finish and double wall design, ice bucket or wine cooler will better help your ice cubes stay frozen. Complete your whisky tasting service with stainless steel ice bucket.

Using the finest 18/8 stainless steel, our luxury ice bucket has been well crafted with ideal cocktail making in mind. They are perfect for storing ice cube or keeping your bottle or wine chilled. Just choose from our luxury barware tools. Some ice bucket or wine cooler can be in gold, copper, gunblack and rainbow color. Color plated ice buckets or wine coolers are designed to provide a premium sheen to your barware service. They have proven to dazzle onlookers.

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