Hunan tujia group employee delegation stainless steel bottle exchange of learning

by:Xianke     2020-07-20

morning, tao xing stainless steel company general manager Du Xiu lead each department manager, all the arrival of the workers' representatives for tujia group stainless steel company, held a brief ceremony. After the welcome ceremony, workers' representatives of both sides discussion exchange, production management, technology development, quality control, personnel administrative work to exchange experience. Subsequently, tujia group stainless steel company line visited tao xing stainless steel production factory, understand the scene of the tao xing stainless steel workshop process. Day morning, the two companies organized team, the grouting process 'in' stainless steel bottle assembly line processing and manual skills competition. Through competition, from the proficiency, the operation skills, product quality, etc. , the level of the production process of the two companies and employees skills has carried on the comprehensive contrast, fully showing the two companies also a line worker. Tao xing, general manager of stainless steel Du Xiu all the awards for contest winner worker, and encourage them to continue in their jobs, to make greater contributions to the development of stainless steel bottle production. Two days of communication study, let both sides benefit a lot. Tujia group stainless steel company, said sales director gu into tao xing stainless steel clean and tidy, standardized and orderly garden type factory district, feeling the tao xing stainless steel in the development of the huge advantage and potential of the stainless steel industry, the future will continue to maintain a friendly communication with the tao xing stainless steel, strengthen the exchange of learning, promote the two sides to the peak position of the stainless steel industry. Jin beauty a pot of gift box
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