How to realize the stainless steel ice bucket welding technology

by:Xianke     2020-05-28
In the process of producing stainless steel ice bucket when necessary, require the use of a small operation make it better, we are the most common is general welding this type of operation, must let the professionals, guarantee the safety of the technology, the usability of the product, we learn more about below: according to the practical application, the tank there are many kinds of solutions of the stainless steel ice bucket design, a single groove, groove, stainless steel ice bucket tub is in the machine construction is an important part, its welding process more stringent requirements. 1, choose the appropriate welding methods: thickness less than 6 mm stainless steel, with TIG is good; Thickness is large, can consider to MIG welding. 2, the reasonable control of welding parameters, welding current and energy is about 20% smaller than mild steel welding line. Related formula: I = ( 25 - 35) d( I as the welding current, welding core diameter d division) , to avoid weld cross. 3, the joint design is reasonable, the groove Angle to choose good: stainless steel ice bucket tub with 2 mm stainless steel plate production, the vibration plane made 2 mm 316 must be used. In order to ensure the service life of the ultrasonic. Generally adopts argon welding, welding can be. Also want to do and beautiful appearance. Well, the above content is about stainless steel ice bucket welding technology, the product can only be fully experienced the welding technology of production to ensure usability. A: ice bucket production drying treatment before the next article: skilled ice bucket safety operation, to ensure the zero error of stainless steel ice bucket
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