how to make super fancy cocktail ice cubes at home

by:Xianke     2020-07-04
With the rise of fantasy
Cocktail bars are paying more and more attention to all aspects of the drinking experience --
Of course, wine and recipes, and ice cubes.
Depending on your tip, or ice hockey, or cylinder, or debris, or debris.
However, you will notice a commonality between different shapes: this kind of thing is often Crystalclear.
You can read the New York Times.
Ice cubes in your house? Not so much.
Regular tap water frozen in ice
Cube trays, which usually look a bit cloudy, are the result of impurities and gas bubbles being pushed to the center of the cube when they freeze. Fancy-
Cocktail parties spend a lot of money on technology to avoid this problem.
The preferred device is a Clinebell machine that freezes ice from the bottom so the bubbles are pushed to the top and the water is circulating there so they dissipate.
The price of this machine is one ton and may not be suitable for your kitchen.
But family lovers are not without virtue-
Follow the same general principles and cast a shadow over the options.
It all starts with the right cooler.
The most complicated way to do this is to use a cooler.
Pour some water in it, let\'s say you have an empty fridge at hand and stick it in it.
Not long ago, AsBon appétit explained that ice would freeze from the top and push all the bubbles to the bottom;
The trick is to take the ice out of the cooler before the cloudy part freezes, or cut it off later.
For extra hand touch, then separate the ice with a sharp or heavy instrument, but you can also stick an ice cube tray to the bottom of the cooler for easy handling.
Isn\'t there a lot of room for refrigerators?
If you boil it once or twice before freezing, you can get some air out of the water in advance.
You can also get a good start if you use distilled water instead of tap water.
Recently, I tried this technology and other technologies at home, took my advice from all corners of the Internet, and worked in the fuss of constantly upgrading.
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Boil water once.
I burned the water.
Regular, sweet, delicious New York tap water
Then pour it into a tray of ice.
These ice cubes look like ordinary ice cubes.
Boiled water twice
I cooked the water once, put it alone for about half an hour, and then cooked it again.
The eventually formed ice cubes still have a little cloud in the center, but they are clearly clearer elsewhere --
You can always see the other side.
Steam distilled water once.
This also does not allow a lot of differences.
Boil distilled water twice. Hark!
The clearest ice so far
It\'s not a crystal, but all the air is entrusted to a small cloud facing the bottom of the ice, and the rest are very translucent --
You will feel a little proud to be able to serve the guests.
All I need now is a whisky.
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