How to collect the painted porcelain of the republic of China

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

during the period of the republic of China gave us wonderful porcelain are mostly painted porcelain. Due to the promotion of the people, this period has produced many painted porcelain. Time dai li cheng, YanRuZhen, little dai li cheng, Wu Shouqi, Zhou Xiaosong and 'bead mountain eight friends' is a representative figure of great attainments. Is known as the 'HongXian porcelain' YanRuZhen years make grinders, TaiZhi pure white, fine painters. Only one hundred, is said to be nearly a century the curiosa of stainless steel. Now that is sold on the street 'HongXian year', 'HongXian drive makes', 'ju RenTang' of China, all are fake, must be careful to identify hidden. Wen, stainless steel bottle net WWW. hy。 Com figure 'bead mountain eight friends' was the top of the painted porcelain, their strengths and Wang Qishan freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese characters, Deng Bishan pastel algae, fish Xu Zhongna shochiku, Tian Hexian writing may, Wang Dafan pastel characters, Wang Ye pavilion especially gaiety and green landscape, cheng ting good landscape flowers and birds painting, meaning jaimie cen insects is a special skill. They are not all jiangxi people, are gathered in timing painted porcelain art, made great contribution to painting porcelain during the period of the republic of China. As painted porcelain relatively prosperous, also promoted the study of the theory of the painted porcelain, the published China's first specializes in painting porcelain book 'painted porcelain to learn', because the author Wu Renjing is also a master of painting porcelain, familiar with various techniques and procedures of painted porcelain, so his works not only has academic achievements, has also been textbooks for vocational education department at the time. The book for today we are engaged in painting porcelain collection of the republic of China, there is still a great help. Preferred painting collection of painted porcelain, porcelain works of famous artists, because their works represent the highest painted porcelain art level; Time of collection when celebrities give people for the products, the painted porcelain products reflect their taste, likes and dislikes and social status, can the history; In addition can also collect some clear calendar of painted porcelain, those who are not famous but beautifully painted porcelain coloured drawing or pattern can also collect a thing or two. There is a porcelain plate paintings, it is not a vessel, is purely for show GuanShangPin porcelain painting. There are two main contents, one is the traditional painting, portrait painting. Painting portraits are mostly familiar with western painting, knowledge of relationship between light and shade, light method. To stay and work, some of them are the portraits of celebrities, is also valuable. And smoked in the traditional painting porcelain plate painting is hard to please, occasional auction in recent years, more than the price in ten thousand yuan of above. General painted porcelain of the republic of China, now the price more in a few yuan to several hundred yuan between, still can be accepted by the public collectors, so from now on to collect the painted porcelain of the republic of China for fashion's not too late. In the flea market stalls, can be common for 'kangxi years' by the end of a paragraph, or even 'da Ming xuande years' painted porcelain of the republic of China, although knowing that its fake, but as long as the technology of coloured drawing or pattern, the shape of a complete, also can republic of porcelain collection. The author thinks that, coloured drawing or pattern, tong he tong MingKuan or people who are worthy of collection, because this is a chapter, can be directly identified porcelain of the republic of China. There is a name of porcelain to bulk cargo is, its beautiful person can also collect. Contemporary China in higher clap a must ( Figure)
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