How fast ice ice cold storage barrel

by:Xianke     2020-05-26
Refrigerator ice bucket fast ice main process has five stages: the cold water progress respectively; Ice bucket with water process; Ice making process; Take off the ice process; Under the ice process, to introduce the five stages, respectively. 1) Cold water process. When the tank is full of a set of the water, ice bucket need classics in a water tank evaporator heat absorption cooling, the temperature drop to 6 ~ 10 ℃, can add ice bucket. 2) Ice bucket with water. To the ice bucket with water before, must first make ice bucket bottom bottom cover seal spring activity. Therefore must first to the adding amount of water, ice bucket make ice bucket wall and bottom lid are wetting, and multi-way valve to 'ice' position, the ammonia liquid evaporation heat absorption into the barrel wall interlining, bucket wall and bottom cover of wetting water freezes, the sealing bottom role; Then slowly adding water to the ice bucket. 3) Ice making process. Ammonia liquid continuous by ammonia pump through a multi-channel valve into the cold storage ice bucket interlining, is entered into the finger sandwich at the top of the evaporator on the top set of ammonia interlining, finger into the evaporator inside the casing, into the gap between inner and outer casing, then rose to set the interlining of ammonia, the trachea multi-way valve back into ammonia liquid separator. In the process, liquid ammonia evaporation heat, cold storage ice bucket wall and refers to the outer wall of the evaporator frozen at the same time, and into the surrounding development, until all frozen into ice, about 90 ~ 100 min. 4) Take off the ice process. When ice forming, the multi-way valve can be turned to 'off' position, the cold storage equipment for liquid ammonia pump circuit cut off, hot ammonia pathways through, hot ammonia by the multi-way valve by ice bucket group back into the trachea into the ice bucket, the last from ice bucket set into the liquid pipe by the multi-way valve, liquid ammonia liquid row to row of tanks. In the process, refers to the outer wall of the evaporator and ice bucket wall of ice was dissolved, ice borrow self-respect away spring bottom lid fell on the ice on the car. 5) Process of ice. Joe ice small vehicle with a group of four pieces of ice off the ice bucket, ice transport device driver, ice luck to turn the ice shelf, ice slide to enter the ice storage. Welcome you the presence! Please baidu: frozen plate, stainless steel instruments, the stainless steel ice bucket
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