Hotel waiter doubt steal stainless steel bottle rushed for customers

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

a hotel as a waiter in yenji pools man xu because of misunderstanding the customer take the bottle, and zhao mou with customers dispute and the wounded. Through mediation, xu paid to zhao mou compensation of $ten thousand. Old xu is pools that county hundred CaoGou town people now live in yanji beishan street, is a hotel waiter of yanji city. In February 2nd, when xu work, find a hotel room when guest check out zhao mou and others, took a case of beer bottles. At that time, xu didn't know people bring their own drinks such as zhao mou, immediately after go out, let them put down beer bottles, and bottle is hotel. Therefore, xu into conflict with people such as zhao mou, then a dispute self-destructiveness came. After being pulled open, xu and his fist to zhao mou down and caused the victim zhao mou skull fracture, the identification of minor injuries. Shortly after, xu escape from the hotel and turn off your phone. June 21, xu in his girlfriend persuaded to surrender of beishan yanji city public security bureau police station, and actively compensate the economic loss of ten thousand yuan of the victim. Recently, yanji city people's procuratorate in accordance with the law of xu, make a decision on disapproval of the arrest. Customized stainless steel bottle jingdezhen stainless steel stainless steel bottle bottle factory jin
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