Hit the next bottle punished forty thousand - August to compensate High-grade stainless steel bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

drunken troublemakers, on impulse, hurt others, results are punished by law. Recently, in henan province yucheng county people's court in creating disturbances, GuZhongFu stir-up-trouble crime, the defendant was sentenced to eight months, suspended for one year. A 25-year-old GuZhongFu, yucheng county in henan province, graduated from junior high school to go home farming. 23 PM on September 20, 2012, he in yucheng county zhang li old hometown GuanMiao turntable KTV banquet hospital, with a few friends to drink to sing. As one of the friends drink and fight with hai-ping liu, beating hai-ping liu GuZhongFu et al. In the process of beating, GuZhongFu stainless steel bottles in bang butt end fierce hit, with broken bottle hai-ping liu's face. Identification by yucheng county public security bureau of forensic appraisal center, bang of injuries of flat for minor injury, injury of facial injuries. After mediation, presided over by the local people's mediation committee on January 22, 2013, the victim hai-ping liu has struck a deal with the defendant's defenders, by GuZhongFu one-time compensation hai-ping liu 40000 yuan; Hai-ping liu said with GuZhongFu behavior understanding. GuZhongFu much ado about nothing, beating others at will, causes the victim minor injuries, the plot, its behavior constituted a stir-up-trouble crime. And armed crime, as appropriate for the given a heavier punishment. Given its custody after his crime, according to the facts is a confession, and the victim compensation agreement, and obtain the understanding of the victim, take into consideration the lighter punishment. And system for first-time offenders, casual offence, so the court in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law, to make the decision. Man drinking meters climb down the bottle fall risk to hit passers-by stainless steel bottle
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