High prices and betrayal: French vintages issuance of failure

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

this month, Beijing golden waistcoat platform, announced that France CAZES chateau wine collection level iCazes time vintage suit products ( The French iCazes vintages) Transaction is terminated, this is the first issue the collection of electronic disk failure. The personage inside course of study points out that there exist deviations in product design and the demand led to its failure, as the platform for expansion and collection of electronic disk, to attract funds at reduced, in order to avoid the embarrassment of failure, collection of electronic disk set 'guaranteed buyback' terms and conditions will be the trend, but there are investment risks, the market need to be careful. Niche and the unit price high failure Beijing gold ma3 jia3 platform announcement, as of today (date) (month) (year), the French iCazes vintage fails to reach the set of actual subscribe total. Trading rules according to the products, by the Beijing Oriental dragon wine co. , LTD. , and the east of heilongjiang province dragon wine co. , LTD as a joint sales side of the vintage trading terminated. While investors subscribe price and interest-free return in full subscription commission to their trading account, this is the first time issued collection of electronic disk failure. According to introducing, the French iCazes vintages are referred to as the domestic first tradable collection of French wine, at a price of ten thousand yuan, each set by the time the year wine ( ~) Of the offering, according to the rules, subscribe the wine in the years after trading period will be stored in the French fort CAZES wine of origin; Subsequent transaction starts, investors can trade through the golden waistcoat terminal transactions at any time; If you have any physical consumption or the demand of the gift, also may at any time to apply for the card and finally pick up the goods to pick up the goods. After experts say, wine investment is advanced at home and abroad are one of the most popular way of investment. Since the beginning of the year, China, India, Russia and Latin America customers poured into the global wine investment market, the highest return on investing congress reached %, more than the diamonds and gold. Should be issued failure 'unit price is too high. 'Chongqing association Wang Yonggang collection points out, ten thousand yuan as the basic pricing, obviously with some. Executive director of the association of chongqing to collect jie think, relative to China famous liquor, collection of foreign wine in China belongs to the niche, cash difficulties, don't know who to risk investment. Guaranteed buyback will be a trend the reporter understands, Beijing golden waistcoat trading first wine electronic trading pits large altar 'countries custom base liquor' is still falling, the latest price. RMB yuan, the price fall. %, the highest price yuan, drop. %,。 Collection two other platform in the electronic trading, Shanghai international wine trading center 'national pits · China taste', 'crystal willing to give up', 'xifeng liquor, in feng xiang', 'gujing, China's strong' four varieties, after three varieties has been below the issue price, including 'gujing, China's strong' latest price yuan, only RMB price %. China en primeur market breaks down a wine varieties have a variety, not break the varieties, including a guaranteed buyback policy implementation, such as the date of issue of the 'burn' king with mountain, the issue of volumetric flask, priced at RMB, terms and conditions agreed to product years duration, investors can be extracted by the electronic warehouse in-kind wine; Or by vendor is responsible for the initial price premium % redemption ( Guaranteed annual earnings %) 。 Even so, 'king with burning mountain' is only slightly higher than the initial public offering price. Chongqing normal university economics professor tian surplus, points out that collection of electronic trading in less attractive to capital, in order to avoid the embarrassment of failure, is expected to set a 'guaranteed buyback' clause will become a trend. Because of the country's current rectification of all kinds of exchanges, to this, 'China en primeur market co. , LTD. ' with particular emphasis on is legally registered in Hong Kong in China enterprises, engaged in alcohol spot direct sales and circulation platform for the independent third party, not directly or indirectly involved in trade; Platform circulation of all varieties are all spot, do not engage in any share trading, any long-term trading, futures or any kind of futures trading.
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