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by:Xianke     2020-07-09

since in color bucket cylinder cup sotheby's spring sales in Hong Kong with chicken. Million Hong Kong dollars to clinch a deal, after Chinese porcelain world auction record be refreshed. SMW reporter learned that, the mainland major auction houses in the next spring will also focus on the porcelain plate. Guangzhou emperor Peng Guojie auction's managing director for SMW reporter said, although expensive items only occasional case, but how much love follow collectors from the mainland, is expected to boost auction market in mainland China. High-end porcelain popular stainless steel bottle factory as we have learned, in addition to chicken cylinder cups and kiln bowl, the spring sales in Hong Kong, porcelain miscellaneous fine piece of auction prices are rising, such as Gardner introduced Hong Kong Ming xuande blue and white chicken wear pattern bottle with the northern song dynasty kiln hand-cut ewer, clinch a deal with hk dollars. Peng Guojie said, this part will promote the auction market of mainland China, as in 'blue and white big pot' guiguzi down the mountain at about. Price one hundred million yuan, hit a Chinese art auction record for the highest in the world at that time, then led to a wave of rising yuan blue and white. But he thinks, the mainland China market as the Hong Kong market mature, there will not be called for. Guangdong province auction house art department director, antique curios department general manager YanPeng of SMW reporter said that the current Chinese porcelain plate is in a reshuffle period, influenced by the economic environment, the overall market is better than the previous two years. According to art market monitoring center ( M M) The incomplete statistics, the number of years clinch a deal in ten thousand yuan of the following items are porcelain although total volume is increased market share. %, but for the average price. The lowest ten thousand yuan, in the past 10 years. This year, industry experts predict, porcelain of mixed plate, depends on the situation of the supply of the high-end rare high-quality goods, and domestic economic situation, and mid-range China market may be more severe. 'Porcelain because of mid-range is high, don't start, wandering in ten thousand yuan or so commonly, but in contrast, high-end kuan, frequently hundreds of millions of yuan, rise in % above every year. 'YanPeng argues that, in fact, in the market now is not lack of funds, lack is good porcelain, the reason is that the seller rised, don't want to sell, in the high-quality goods imperial porcelain basically there is plenty of collectors in hands, in the absence of turnover, once put up for sale, with good China will still be popular. But the guangdong market situation is slightly different. Peng Guojie admits, guangdong China a glut on the market in general is, and lots more than ten thousand yuan basically is hard to deal, with the guangdong's appraisal level, auction company's strength and collectors economic strength slightly inferior. And vice President of guangzhou huayi auction Wang Lize bullish on the guangdong market, he said to the SMW reporter, although the price of items from, but as long as it is famous brand, clear source, is rare on the market, is popular with collectors. He predicts that this year's China sales to become a new hot spot. Kilns price elasticity in the Ming and qing dynasties imperial porcelain porcelain plate is an important support, YanPeng also bullish on the block, especially from the official kilns in the name of yongzheng, qianlong period. However, this part of the porcelain is in high price, how much space of the future? Wang li told reporters, the SMW. Compared to the qing dynasty imperial porcelain, he prefers part of Ming dynasty, especially the yong xuan porcelain. Copycat popular on the market, he explained, 'qing three generations', a piece of yongzheng and qianlong in the qing dynasty porcelain, is a little bigger size, it is easy to reach millions or even tens of millions of yuan. Permanent mission of the blue and white porcelain, by contrast, cultural and technological value not inferior, attention is not high, but because the market is still in ten thousand yuan. His judgment, permanent mission of the blue and white porcelain in the future there will be a price return, appreciation potential is bigger. Guangzhou auction antique appreciate department general manager huang ma su revitalization is bullish on no royal porcelain. Despite of the porcelain generally do better, but there are no obvious trait of money and time, porcelain, shape, style, glaze color is excellent. SMW reporter learned that, Hong Kong and the mainland four pieces appeared in spring is worth more than ten million yuan of royal porcelain, among them, the qing qianlong pastel ji blue colour flowers large bottle clinchs a deal with the high price of ten thousand yuan more. Sue the revitalization of SMW reporter said, although there is no inscriptions, but reached the standard of the kiln, is also of great market prospect. In addition, Sue the revitalization of thought, in addition to the official kilns, might as well turn to rarity, the price is still in the low quality people kiln porcelain. He told SMW reporter, in fact, the same to the people of the imperial kiln variety many, the same subject matter, modelling of kiln and kiln porcelain fine people, production style, technique level, but the price is bad times, 'collectors don't have to chase after go up, in the long run, investment collection these precious people kiln porcelain could be worth more. 'However, wang li reminded, royal porcelain has been formed the market price criterion, psychological have several buyers and sellers, and the people kiln porcelain price elasticity is larger, collectors should have mental preparation. Investment advice YanPeng: the Ming and qing dynasties imperial porcelain is a hard currency, initial investment of collectors can pay attention to the late qing dynasty imperial porcelain and mid qing dynasty kiln porcelain fine people, on the one hand, the price has not risen so much that is tens of thousands of yuan to ten thousand yuan, up and down and left can be more reference information, identify relatively easy. Price is not good grasp of kiln porcelain, wang li: people even in late qing dynasty imperial porcelain is also better than people kiln porcelain, for collectors in the subject, the former is more reliable. Stainless steel factory is the liquor bottle wrong he love collecting stainless steel bottles
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