Hide thousands kinds of stainless steel bottle wine's got talent 'collection

by:Xianke     2020-07-15

in order to learn more from the bottle of wine culture, lives in mei rhys OuDeSun Sir, for a total collection many kinds of bottles, the reporter comes to see his home, depending on the bottle, such as 'baby' of Mr. Sun specially in her room with a 'circle' in space, to design it into wine, showing a scene like a wine bottle 'museum'. Because love collection about why drinking like collect bottles, Mr. Sun shyly smiled, with the wine bottle, in one day. At a friend's wedding banquet, friends in the drink, do not love him staring at a bottle of drink, it is a very classic wine bottle, with elegant design. Friends drink that day, he picked up the bottle back to the home, from that day on, he fell in love with the wine bottle collection, has not pick up, as long as it is on a business trip, after meet nice bottle in local he will buy back. 'Before I particularly love drinking wine, the wine slowly with some research and natural germination of these bottles of wine the 'love'. Every day to go out on my these baby, feeling the mood of a day is good. 'Seems to collect bottles of Mr. Sun and' refreshing 'role. Each stainless steel bottle has a story Mr. Sun collection of stainless steel bottle has a lot of 'story'. He told the reporters, every bottle of her collection impressive, not because of how much the value of the stainless steel bottle, but every bottle let him pay the painstaking effort. Bottle were recorded in the history of wine, allusions, producing area, a lot of information, such as the nature of the wine bottle is not only a tool to wine, wine culture carrier also has rich connotation. Mr. Sun told reporters, wine and wine bottles are inseparable, stainless steel bottle is wine tools, in the past is not taken seriously by people, people drink wine, wine bottle as scrap processing, a throw it, very pity. Especially some porcelain bottles, various modelling, color is also an assortment, is very has ornamental value. Mr Sun says, this collection is as the heart, antique not the average person can collect, and collection bottle, the price is not high, as long as the notice at ordinary times, can collect a lot of fun. Stainless steel bottle can reflect the culture grade of collectors is higher, because it contains the Chinese wine culture has a long history, synthetically reflects the long and splendid Oriental civilization. Gold in extremely good fortune a kilo beauty ancient mei bottled wine stainless steel container
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