Hidden Pan Cai yue: bean celadon jian ( Figure)

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

in reading, once wrote an article 'Tibetan beans celadon, note the potential shares' article published in an antique treasure publication. In this paper, present to the beans in the qing dynasty celadon collection status, and the bean celadon slightly about history. Now write again the verdant words longquan is the bean celadon history with outspread. I was in the Tibetan beans celadon, note the potential of the beans in the qing dynasty celadon is called 'spring', that is, in the qing dynasty longquan celadon. Longquan celadon began in The Three Kingdoms, sheng in the yuan dynasty, from the qing dynasty. Its glaze color green, because made in longquan the name 'longquan porcelain'. In the guide the impression, longquan porcelain glaze. In view of the market for ancient porcelain attitude is different, the market reaction is also far. Lingnan CangJie preference only in the case of blue and white, the color of the color porcelain, ancient porcelain and colored glaze is seen most frequently in northern China market. Longquan ancient porcelain trading today, in the antique city, in the auction house, in the network platform, high prices are little and smell. Statistics in recent years, each big clap a sell-through rate but to longquan porcelain. %, single piece must also very few. Ancient porcelain for hidden generally divided into two suitors, one is keen to follow the mainstream of ancient porcelain hands of practitioners, strive for a short period of time to earn price difference; They spend long small investors, special varieties of never discovered. So 'unpopular' collection can become 'hot' is the very reason, not only is a kind of culture to carry forward this behavior, but also the embodiment of the market economy. Not only depends on the artistic quality of ancient porcelain, subjective value of the historic so simple, more contains some man-made factors. Then market atmosphere become a kind of measure, price ups and downs. So it is no wonder that investors, both inside and outside the industry, love porcelain kiln. Market analysis, it can be ignored completely. Four years ago, in the local Tibetan association, vice President of ancient bronze mirror to find a home at the end of the yuan Ming longquan. The porcelain large, engraved with complex and elegant chrysanthemum petals. Its glaze color green is a mature sense of dignified, longquan porcelain, as I am concerned, even more fascinating than jadeite jade. In general have good porcelain, and pleaded with President xu I carry, to the letter. Commend to hide the home, the Tibetan people especially to its preferences. But when it comes to price for the mainstream, then shut. Attempted to base shop. Today with friends and teachers about this in the north, 'diameter more than a foot, less than twenty thousand. 'Rather than a disadvantage, it should be said that accounts for the bargain. Again remind of blue and white with 'one hundred million yuan era' guiguzi 'big joke of the century' the imitation of the republic of qianlong pastel bottle, not for the verdant distant longquan porcelain sound uttered a sigh deeply! Mo yan's head celadon dish
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